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The international publication for organic and sustainable trade
Organic & Wellness News
The international publication for organic and sustainable trade

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The world of organics at your fingertips in print, online, in person

Organic & Wellness News (O.W.N.) is the first international B2B publication for organic and sustainable trade seen at major fairs in the Americas, Europe, the Pacific Rim and the Middle East. O.W.N. provides insight into how the organic sector is developing around the world. It is geared to stimulate fair business practices and healthier lifestyles.

Presented in an attractive and reader friendly printed and digital layout, O.W.N. is published four (4x) times a year and hand delivered free at industry fairs to selected producers, processors and traders of natural and organic certified food & beverages, cosmetics, textiles and other goods and services. Paid subscriptions for the printed version are also available. All four editions, along with the O.W.N. e-newsletters, are e-mailed to over 15,000 active industry recipients.

Your O.W.N. Network

In addition to advertising and editorial opportunities O.W.N. also offers a cost-effective range of marketing services to promote your business at major fairs at home and around the world. Low overhead, elastic staffing and lean, streamlined project management ensure our sponsors and advertisers competitive rates for our services.

Our strategic alliances with other professional media partners, consultants and industry insiders increase your brand visibility, reach more qualified sales leads and save you money!
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Reader profiles

Organic & Wellness News (O.W.N) is selectively distributed to decision makers in management, marketing and R&D positions at major fairs for natural and organic food and beverages, health and beauty and other household goods made under sustainable
guidelines. Our readers work in the following sectors and categories:

Food & Beverage 47% (Fruits and vegetables, ingredients such as spices, cereals, seeds and oils
bakery goods, grocery and other processed foods
Health & Beauty 35% Ingredients, formulations, cosmetics, supplements, fitness & spa
Services 12% Government organizations, trade associations, certification agencies,
packaging, design and merchandising consultants, PR and media
Other Sectors 6% Water, textiles, technology, green design, investment

Total 100%

Editorial Topics

Ingredients: Oils & Fats; Natural Sweeteners; Grains, Seeds & Pulses; Herbs, Spices &
Food & Beverages: Fruits & Vegetables; Dairy & Meat; Processed Foods; Grocery; Tea,
Coffee, Chocolate; Gluten-free, Functional & Super Foods
Health & Beauty: Cosmetics and Supplements
Natural Living: Textiles and home furnishings
Certification & Legislation
Trends: New Products
Equipment & Technology

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Why advertise in O.W.N.

  • Find new customers – The organic sector keeps growing. O.W.N reaches potential
    buyers where other publications are not present.
  • Generate leads and sales –No leads, means no sales. O.W.N has been developed
    to help you reach your target market. Our “word-of-mouth” approach is one of our
  • Brand recognition – People like to buy familiar brands. To take action your potential
    buyers need to see or hear about your line around 10-12 times. O.W.N reaches your target
    market in print, online and in person throughout the year.
  • Healthy positive image – A company that is consistently and frequently visible is
    perceived as successful.
  • Readers want the ads – Specialized newspapers are one of the few media where readers
    want to see ads (The Readership Institute, Media Management, Northwestern University

Research and experience show that 70% of brochures distributed at trade shows end up in the garbage. Trade journals are usually kept and read, even before magazines. Organic & Wellness News is an effective alternative to increase direct communication with your target market, while saving natural resources and avoiding excessive paper waste.

What our readers and sponsors say about O.W.N.

“I read O.W.N. It is fantastic that you cover all the global news”. Takis Koikas, Telhinia Organics, Greece

“You have created a publication that is so ethical and informative.” Gillian Christie, Christie
Communications, USA

Love reading all the latest’s news from around the world. Keep up the good work! Herman Claassens CEO, Australian Culinary Foods Pty Ltd., Australia

“I am impressed with your presence around the globe. It is inspiring to work with people like you; it creates value and a positive change!” Reindert Dekker, Head of Marketing Food, UBM Live, The Netherlands

“I am really impressed with all the places where O.W.N. goes and all the things you do promoting sustainable nutrition. You avail your own reputation as a jack-of-all-trades very well”, Klaus Freidler, Alb-Gold Teigwaren
GmbH, Germany

“It is so nice to read some good news. There is not a lot of focus on that these days”.
John Harrison Ceo & Founder Ecotrend Canada

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