Mexico’s Best Ground has introduced new actions and products to position itself more strongly as a global supplier of high-quality agave sweeteners and ‘superfoods’ such as chia. Warren Beaumont reports.
Best Ground has launched its first Fairtrade certified agave syrup. Founded in 2007 and based in Zapopan, Jalisco, México, the company is a leading manufacturer and trader of healthy food and ingredients with high nutritional value. Its portfolio offers goods to the food industry that contribute to improving health, adding extra nutrients to the final product.

“We are happy about what we have done by launching Fairtrade agave,” says Victor Fong, international sales director. Being an ethical label and program, Fairtrade helps the social development of farmers, and the company is satisfied with this achievement. “Growth has been steady, but not in large numbers if you compare this with the growth of the non-Fairtrade products,” says Fong.

Best Ground’s network comprises more than 5,500 hectares of agave, including two processing factories for agave syrup and inulin and one processing plant for honey. The company also has joint ventures with factories of tequila, avocado oil, and dehydrated fruit. They are also exporters of chia seeds. All its products are available through six distribution centers worldwide.

“Best Ground has been growing steadily, but has recently consolidated, improved its operations and moved into a new head office, which gives us the opportunity to have all our operations together,” says Fong.
“We now have a research and development department that is helping us in launching new products. We also increased our sales and marketing staff, so we can now reach new markets and provide an excellent customer service,” he says.

“Our quality control department is setting up a new program towards improving not just the quality, but all the general production procedures. The offices enjoy a nice layout with natural light, and atmosphere that has improved our productivity.”

The move has helped the supply and marketing of products such as Best Ground’s organic agave sweeteners by adapting its commercial strategy to every single market. Best Ground is now spreading its business to new countries and reaching some industries that never even think about using agave syrup and inulin as an ingredient.

And the agave market is growing from manufacturers to retailers due to increased demand for low GI and organic sweeteners. “In my opinion, the agave market is growing due to the health problems that many countries are facing,” Mr. Fong says.

“The world has never seen this level of obesity and diabetes. Agave syrup is increasingly consolidating as an excellent sweetener to replace sugar totally or partially. Agave inulin is also trending thanks to its functionality. It also provides dietary fiber.”

Regarding new products and packaging development, Best Ground is launching a new line with tapioca and rice syrups, while the company will also produce some sweeteners based on native plants from Mexico.
Mexico is gaining a higher profile as a supplier of ‘superfoods’ and sustainable and organically grown ingredients, and this trend is helping Best Ground.

“After all these years, we can say that we are happy since our customers know that Best Ground not only is a reliable supplier that exports high-quality products, but it operates a sustainable business,” Mr. Fong says.