1. What is it, who started it, when and why?

The “Buy Good Feel Good” Expo is a young trade fair in Toronto dedicated to building a community of people and organizations who believe that business should have a positive impact on the world. Founder Rafik Riad and his team believe that businesses are key to creating sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing social and environmental problems. “We aspire to make ethical consumption the norm, inspiring all businesses to operate for the common good.”

Rafik Riad founded the Buy Good Feel Good Expo in November 2014. His passion for positive social change led him to create a platform where social enterprises could connect with consumers and retail buyers. He hopes to create an environment where social enterprises can build brand recognition and access to engaged consumers.

  1. How many exhibitors hosted the event when it launched and how many are expected in 2018?

BGFG launched with just 15 vendors. This year the show organizers are expecting 100+ exhibitors.

  1. There are many new fairs in the market. What makes BGFG unique?

  BGFG goes beyond organic and fair trade food goods. It brings in a variety of ethical and sustainable products and services that change the world. It is a b2b event on the first day and a b2c event during the weekend. Companies will be able to present their brands to distributors and to receive direct feedback from end consumers.

  1. And the proportion of food and non-food products expected?

Approximately 30 percent of the BGFG exhibitors cover food. The balance present lines for Natural Living and personal care.

  1. Any other information we should share with your OWN readers?

Buy Good Feel Good Expo is putting Toronto on the map as a world leader in conscious consumption. “So many trade shows and expos push mindless products on consumers for the sake of profit and at the expense of people and the planet. These events leave us asking how many more generic gizmos and faceless corporations do we need in our lives?” The “Buy Good Feel Good” Expo aspires to be different. “We are dedicated to elevating social enterprises and cultivating a dynamic marketplace experience that makes ethical consumption fun, easy and completely normal.

When businesses operate with profit as their sole objective, workers are exploited, the environment is polluted, and our natural resources are depleted. In contrast, social enterprises use business practices to create positive change in the world. They contribute to sustainable development through innovations in healthcare, renewable energy, microfinance, and much more.

Social enterprises empower communities and create fair employment opportunities for the world’s poorest and most marginalized groups. At the “Buy Good Feel Good” Expo you know that every purchase made has a positive impact.” Hosted in Toronto at the Enercare Centre from May 11-13 2018, the event is North America’s largest marketplace for social enterprises inviting traders and consumers.

Traders Day May 11, 2018 10am-6pm. To register as a buyer

The General Public is welcome May 12-13. Buy tickets