Many new food and beverage trends were displayed at the BIOFACH 2018 fair held in Nuremberg on 14-17 February. The OWN trend picks were nuts, seeds, Andean superfoods and spices in foods and beverages, snack foods and confectionery. 

Prominent at BIOFACH 2018 were cashews, walnuts, peanuts, Brazil nuts, and almonds including cashew and almond drinks. Seeds and grains such as chia, hemp, quinoa, rice, sesame, and pumpkin seeds were turning up in all manner of food and beverages, while the raw and vegan trend continued. The pumpkin-seed pesto presented by Austrian firm Georg Thalhammer - Gesundes von Feld und Wald was the winner at the Novelty Stand under the category of Grocery Products, Snacks & Sweets.

Superfoods such as chia seeds and oils, like Brazil nuts and oil, were present in both, food and cosmetics, while chia and hemp were fish oil/omega-3 replacements for cooking and snack bars. Chia beverages and drinks expanded, including from suppliers such as Spain's Soria Naturals and Denmark's The House of Originals.

Beetroot or red beet continues gaining momentum as a major trend. Lifefood Czech Republic's latest snack bar was Lifebar Beetroot, a sweet, raw organic Beetroot Lifebar with lemon, fruits, and seeds. Love Beets from The Netherlands promoted vacuum-cooked red beets for salads, side dishes, and smoothies, while Vita Snack's Beetroot Crunch sweet potato and beet snacks continued the trend in Vegan World.

Fruits were led by coconut, dried dates, and figs, also seen in chocolate and confectionery, while coconut continues strong in beverages. Dates, figs and dried fruits were center stage in mueslis and chocolate at Biofresco of Greece, while a delicious treat was date-hazelnut confectionery in dark chocolate from SEKEM of Egypt.

Banana chips and chocolate-coated banana products were a strong trend, while Tree Life, The Philippines promoted banana chip snacks and coconut oil sweeteners.

Agave with inulin as a fiber was prominent as a sweetener. Mexico's The iidea Co featured its new Organic Green Agave Syrup that contains chlorophyll, as ideal for supermarket labels, while Sipal Partners of Belgium featured its oat sweeteners.

Turmeric was a major spice trend and was seen in all manner of foods, teas, beverages and snack foods.

Cacao and chocolate bars came with fruits, spices, seeds and high cacao content, such as Pacari of Ecuador's organic dark chocolate bar with Cardamon; Vivani's fine bitter 75% Cacao Panama; Landgarten of Austria's organic pumpkin seeds in dark chocolate; Belvas of Belgium's organic and fairtrade 60 percent dark chocolate with quinoa; and Lovechock of The Netherland's extra pure bar with 94 percent cacao.

For Andean and Amazonian Superfoods in 2018, Bolivia, Peru, and Canada led the category with everything from amaranth, Amazon nuts, raw cacao, camu camu, chia, maca, quinoa, and yacon finding applications in food and cosmetics.

Canada/Austria's UHTCO highlighted its raw yacon and cacao for snack foods and chocolates, while Peru's Candela Peru highlighted the versatility of Andean superfood ingredients in food and cosmetics.

Raw and vegan snack bars included Sweden's Get Raw "junk-free snacking" with four vegan fruit and nut bars featuring almond, walnut, and hazelnut. MadeGood of Canada launched its new Brazil Nut Organic Fruit and Nut Bar to continue the Biofach 'nut' trend. At Bulgaria's biostyle, Culturaw vegan sausage and crackers were savoury treats, while new biostyle Beetroot crisps backed the beetroot trend.

The Biofach organizers picked trending foods such as baobab oil; vegan protein products made from nuts and seeds; turmeric in foods, beverages, and teas; pasta with sea vegetables; Gomasio seaweed roasted sesame, and nori snacks; pasta made from pulses; and dairy alternative beverages and yogurt.

The protein on-the-go trend included vegan protein bars; protein balls; hemp protein powder; lentils to go protein; and products such as BIO PLANETE Protein Nut Flour (Fair Trade); and Schalk Muhle Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Bar.

Another trend also picked by the Biofach organizers was A Taste for Turmeric found in products such as tortellini; juice drinks; cheese; cacao; cauliflower; and in beverages such as Yogi Tea; Alinor Spa rice drink; and Pukka Herbs tea.

At Vegan World, highlights included well-attended cooking lessons, new vegan products, vegan foodservice meals to go, and tasty vegan ice cream from Ice Date based on cashew milk using dates as the sweetener.

Lots of products were on display at BIOFACH and its sister fair VIVANESS, events with record attendance: 3,218 exhibitors (275 of these at VIVANESS) and over 50,000 trade visitors from 134 countries.

Next year BIOFACH celebrates its 30th anniversary February 13-16 and Peru will be the Country of Honor.