VIVANESS, the international trade show with the most number of committed firms to natural and organic certified ingredients and formulations in the beauty and personal care segment returns to Nuremberg February 14-17. The sister event of BIOFACH will host 250 cosmetics firms introducing the latest products developed under sustainability guidelines.

A section for “German newcomers,” ten young innovative companies supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and Breeze, the area for start-ups from other countries, along with the presentations scheduled for the VIVANESS Congress. will provide industry visitors the latest trends and information in the sector. At the VIVANESS Congress topics for discussion will be split into four main categories: markets and analyses, trade and sales, consumer insights and communication, and design, packaging & performance.

Marketing and trade changes as result of digitalization, the influence of social media and the challenges associated with these changes and product differentiation will be among the key topics of discussion.

This year the show organizers also created a special area called “Let’s talk VIVANESS” in hall 7A for certification bodies, associations, institutions, media organizations and other natural cosmetics service providers and experts to meet and network.

dieNikolai, the world’s first Demeter-certified cosmetics based on the health benefits of grapeseed oil will be showing at VIVANESS. Nikolaihof Wachau, Austria’s oldest winery with almost 2000 years of history is the parent company of dieNikolai. The Nikolaihof has followed the anthroposophic philosophy of Rudolf Steiner for over 40 years. The cosmetics line introduced in 2016 only uses high quality ingredients from certified biodynamic agriculture, and mainly grown in the region. Founders, Martin Saahs and Günter Stöffelbauer, want to offer cosmetic products with the smallest possible carbon footprint. The brand’s face, hand and lip care products are currently distributed in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Amatera Laboratories is another innovative, natural, high-end cosmetic brand present at VIVANESS. After extensive research on skin needs, amatera has developed an exclusive natural formula of 12 precious vegetable oils with complementary active ingredients. This unique and powerful synergy, called "formula a12", represents its key differentiator. This skincare formula obtained the vegan and cruelty-free PETA labels. It adapts to all skin types and responds to either women’s or men’s needs without synthetic chemicals.

sultana cosmetics is one of the firms at the Pavilion for Young Innovative Companies, showing its cosmetics line at VIVANESS for the first time. The company is based in Frankfurt, where its formulations are prepared in small batches with top quality ingredients from Morocco such as argan and cactus fig oils, rose wax and blue chamomile. “Made in Germany” natural and organic cosmetics are valued for the commitment to sustainability.