Takuto Kobayashi, Executive Director of MK Enterprise Inc., introducing Terra Wash MG+

There are several brands of excellent laundry detergents in the market that are effective and environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, most of them come in a liquid or powder presented in plastic containers that when empty end up in the landfill. Some manufacturers proudly use recycled plastic bottles, but producing plastic bottles even from recycled material still takes a considerable amount of energy, and very little plastic gets recycled. In the end, most plastic ends up in the landfill.

If you are looking for a fantastic, eco-friendly, fragrance-free and cost-effective solution, meet Terra Wash + Mg. A laundry revolution made in Japan, this innovative product aims to replace conventional laundry detergents. It comes in a sachet filled with little pellets of 99,95 percent of specially processed magnesium. The sachet is packed in a small box made of recycled cardboard, not plastic and saving valuable retail space. Consumers like that it is also easy to store in the laundry area.

“Terra Wash MG+ launched seven years ago in Japan,” said Takuto Kobayashi, Executive Director at MK Enterprise Inc., the firm responsible for market distribution and promotion.  “It took about three years to develop, from concept to prototype.” At first, in an attempt to offer a 100% biodegradable product, the sachet was made of cotton.

But to achieve the goal of reusing it for up to 365 loads of clothes, a white fabric made of nylon and polyester was a better option. Mr. Kobayashi said they are open to testing other textile alternatives that would eventually allow disposal, not only of the magnesium pellets but also the fabric, in a regular home composter. The firm has sold over 500,000 units of Terra Wash MG+ in Japan.

Terra Wash MG+ is fragrance-free, textile friendly and antibacterial without the use of synthetic chemicals. It removes odors and keeps not only the clothes but also the washing machine and water pipes cleaned as well. It leaves no traces of toxic substances that harm water and the environment. 

According to Joe Banaticia of Marketscape, the North America distributor, who is based in Toronto, "when this particular magnesium gets in contact with water it generates bubbles of hydrogen that develop ionized water with a high pH of around 10.5, making it easier to remove dirt, grease, mold, germs, bacteria and bad odor from the garments. The result? Fresh, safe and clean laundry without storing and later disposing of bulky plastic containers filled with liquids and powders that have a high carbon footprint.

How does the ionized water used with Terrawash MG+ return later to its usual lower ph level? “Too much acid or too alkaline water is not good for the environment. Neutralization will eventually lower the pH,” said Mr. Kobayashi. “Drinking alkaline water is good for your body. It is also kind of a trend that we see these days.”

After the tremendous success of Terra Wash MG + in Japan, MK Enterprise Inc. embarked on a mission to bring the product to other parts of the world. Terra Wash MG+ is now available for distribution in some other Asian countries, and in Germany, France, Italy, the UK, Canada and the United States. 

It won the Best Product Award at Natexpo 2017, the leading b2b organic and natural products fair in France, under the category of Household and Personal Products and Services. And in Italy, Terra Wash MG+ was recognized at the SANA fair in Bologna with the SANA Novità Award under the category Green Lifestyle.

A challenge encountered in the distribution process? Finding the right partners. “When introducing a new product, you need committed people with great enthusiasm and creativity. Even though Terra Wash MG+ is an innovative solution to avoid increased water and soil contamination, global warming and excessive plastic waste, it is not well known yet. “At first, it will not sell just by putting it in retail shelves-unless one spends huge amounts of dollars in promotion and advertisements,” says Mr. Kobayashi.

“We believe we can change the way people think of washing clothes and detergents, but we are also aware it will take time and strong passion on our part. Another challenge is that most people like ‘fragrance.’ “It makes them feel that their clothes are cleaned, even though having fragrance has nothing to do with the actual cleaning effectiveness of a product,” said Mr. Kobayashi. In fact, most products with fragrance contain harmful substances that irritate the skin, ruin the fabrics and have a negative impact on the environment.

 MK Enterprise Inc. will be at BIOFACH and Natural Products Expo West this season showing its Terra Wash MG + and another innovation called Terra Wash + Sea, a natural product that removes dirt and bacteria from fresh produce also increasing the pH of water.

For distribution inquiries contact www.terrawashmg.com