As the world continues to progress sustainable solutions for tomorrow, a revolutionary product is right around the corner yet again! Panam France-nOx, a subsidiary of the Poujaud Group, is introducing the big bag nOx®. This is an innovative, patented and cost-effective solution for the storage and transportation of organic and conventionally grown grains or seeds.

One of the most exciting features is how the big bag nOx® uses carbon dioxide (CO2) for the control of pests in food products. For several years it has been proven that modified atmospheres (MA) based on high carbon dioxide (CO2) contents offer a safe alternative to synthetic chemical fumigation for insect pest control in food commodities during storage or shipment.

The use of CO2 has many advantages for the food industry: there is no accumulation of toxic residues in the final product after the treatment, and no safety interval following treatment is necessary for product consumption. CO2 has been approved as a food additive. However, high CO2 MA requires the use of gastight structures to keep the correct gas concentration throughout the treatment. Finding the right bag to store a large volume of seed or grain, controlling the atmosphere and incorporating the bag to industrial processing was still a challenge. Not after the introduction of the big bag nOx® in July 2017.


“The airless storage big bag nOx® prevents enormous loss of food due to pest contamination”, said Frederic Poujaud, CEO of Groupe Poujaud. The big bag nOx® provides effective insect pest control without using any chemicals, liquid nor gas, or even cold chain, which saves energy costs. The risk of pesticide residues and insect mutations are avoided completely!

To implement the nOx® process, no complex or expensive investment is required, just a blower, an impulse weld sealer and a vacuum machine (domestic or professional). With nOx®, the process of packing and storing under a controlled atmosphere avoids the presence of adult insects, larvae or eggs while the solution is accessible to all.


The big bag nOx® has an internal gas hermetical liner with a suction valve. When the bag is filled up and sealed, a simple vacuum cleaner allows air to be pumped out to create a partial vacuum. The extracted air is replaced by injecting an equivalent volume of CO2 (alimentary CO2- inert gas).

This inert gas represents no toxic danger or sanitation issues for the grains and will permit a total eradication of any kind of pest inside the bag. Packaged under vacuum, the seeds or grains are also protected and preserved from humidity, mold and new pest contamination while in storage. Anaerobic storage is a natural process that guarantees a perfect preservation of the germination capacity of the seeds.


When it comes to organics and sustainability, they should always be working hand-in-hand for a better tomorrow. That's why groundbreaking products like the big bag nOx® are so vital for the future of food storage and transportation.

The big bag nOx® will fit operations with automatic line bagging, with a blower for formatting the liner or an entirely manual process. The big bag nOx® dimensions are 900x900x1600 mm with a capacity of 1200 kg. For more information contact