First was Italian, followed by Greek and Mexican; then was Indian, Japanese and Thai. The trend for ethnic foods is growing and shifting as migration, travelling, the internet and celebrity chefs connect people to indulge in the tastes and flavours from around the world. Next is Peru, a country rapidly emerging as a powerhouse in the food industry. From asparagus, paprika and potatoes, to cacao and coffee, fish, olives and grapes, Peru is building a strong reputation as reliable business partner. Peruvian cuisine is also conquering the interest of food experts for its exquisite flavours, variety and amazing nutritional value.

To share with the world the delicacies of Peruvian ancient super foods, UHTCO Corporation announced the launch of Peruvian Harvest® this coming fall, an exclusive line of ready-to-prepare Peruvian meals made with the best ingredients available. “Consumers want healthy foods and new tasty flavours, but they also want convenience”, said Jorge Urena, ceo of UHTCO, a Canadian firm of Peruvian origins that offers ingredients, custom formulations and its own brand of natural and organic certified health supplements. With 28 out of 32 world micro climates, Peru has a great biodiversity. “It is the birthplace of thousands of vegetables, fruits and cereals cultivated for generations”, said Mr. Urena. “But most of these foods are still not available to the rest of the world”.

Peruvian Harvest® will introduce recipes with nutritious ingredients including Andean food flours of Peruvian yams oca, olluco, arracacha and sweet potato; Andean cereals such as canihua, kiwicha (amaranth), and the now well known quinoa; with a selection of exotic fruits that will keep everyone’s taste buds craving for more, including Inca berries (also known as goldenberries), cocona, camu camu, and the highly popular lucuma.
Two remarkable products in the line are the Peruvian Tamales and the “Chicha Morada”, a refreshing local drink with a distinctive flavour similar to blueberry juice, but made with Peruvian purple corn, also rich in antioxidants. The Peruvian Tamales are vacuum packed, with a shelf life of one year without refrigeration, vegetarian, gluten free and ready-to-serve! All what retailers know will attract their customers. The Peruvian Tamales will make a great snack for people “on-the-go” and a side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

UHTCO’s Peruvian Harvest® line will be introduced to the company’s current customers (organic and natural health food stores) and to large food retailers as well, making them accessible for everyone to enjoy. For more product information and distribution opportunities contact UHTCO Corp. at