The launch of the first Bto Bio EXPO, international biennal for organic products in Milano on May 8-11, was welcomed by 200 exhibitors and 7,000 visitors from 64 countries. Italy, a major player as producer, consumer and exporter of organic products, was looking for a show strictly for the professional trade. Seasoned trade show organizers Fiere e Comunicazione, started BtoBio Expo this year parallel to TuttoFood, as meeting point for the Italian organic sector and the demand for made-in-Italy products around the world.

In spite of the recent economic recession, organic products in Italy have been in steady demand over the past eight years. The recent ISMEA survey has shown domestic purchasing of packaged organic produce increased 12 percent during the first two months of 2011. International traders and buyers from large and medium sized chains from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada, the United States, and South Korea, Japan, Latin America and South Africa were motivated to attend BtoBio Expo looking for new products and suppliers. The Made in Italy brand is definitely associated with high quality and BtoBio along with TuttoFood are two venues that offer innovation, taste, quality and good value.

Besides jams, pasta, olive oil, wines and other Mediterranean foods from several Italian and a couple of Spanish suppliers, buyers could delight their senses with apple, pineapple and cereal drinks from Italian supplier Abafoods, high quality dried fruits and nuts mixes from Marap in Austria and even a line of new 100 percent natural and biodegradable detergents in refillable dispensers from the firm Biolu. Fifty year old coffee supplier Torrefazione Caffè Salomoni introduced new organic and exotic blends with ginseng, guarana, barley coffee, and beverages with chicory.

Visitors also enjoyed delicious recipes prepared by professional chefs, along with organic mojitos, vodka sour and Caipirinha, a traditional Brazilian drink, and other spirits available now in the Italian market via the company Naturalmente Vino. A variety of Gluten-free snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner options were on display from several firms.

Sergio Rossi of show organizer Fiere e Comunicazione stated BtoBIO Expo will grow in 2013 as a professional reference for organic certified products in anticipation to the opening of the Universal Expo 2015, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” in Milano. Values of sustainability, nutrition, health, and the environment are shared with BtoBio Expo. With 30 percent more visitors than in 2009 (40,000 vs. 30,000) TuttoFood confirms Milan as the new hub for the Italian agro-food sector and a great partner for the promotion of the organic sector via BtoBio Expo. Supplies and services for the agro-food industries and other products such as supplements, herbal remedies, natural textiles and cosmetics and personal care are also showcased at BtoBio Expo. More information at