The international and multisectorial character of Expoalimentaria offers an attractive showcase for companies from the region eager to connect with buyers from neighboring countries, and the large supermarket chains and importers invited from abroad. Aware of the value of this event for Latinamerica, Ecuador will be present showing some of its best export products, with some brands already well positioned in the USA, Europe and Australia, but just starting to penetrate the Latin American markets: Motuche marmelades, dips and sauces offer unique combinations, taste and textures; Amerifoods has organic mango, in pulp and dehydrated; Agroficial offers tropical fruit concentrates, pulp, candied, dehydrated and IQF frozen fruit; Fundamyf has developed organic quinoa products including energy bars and soups; and Pacari Chocolate delights with its exclusive line of organic raw chocolate bars, a specialty  collection with Andean blueberries, lemongrass, salt and merken and exotic fruits covered with raw chocolate.

PROECUADOR, the new Institute for the Promotion of Trade and Investment established this year has the mandate to increase the participation of small and medium sized enterprises in international fairs. “Expoalimentaria is a great stage for organic certified lines and specialty foods to access international markets and will encourage other firms to take part in the future to contribute to a sustainable development in Ecuador and the region”, says Carlos Vaca, Coordinator, Programs and Projects at PROECUADOR.