Following its debut in April at the Natural & Organic Products Europe (NOPE) show in London, export activities of bamboo charcoal products by Australian firm Pure Bamboo have taken off. Managing director Ingo Shomacker said the company has made new export contacts in Germany and Norway and is exporting its Pure Bamboo charcoal range of natural deodorizers and dehumidifiers to the UK, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Pure Bamboo’s powerful absorption properties purify the air and drinking water, remove moisture, odors and harmful chemicals, absorb electromagnetic waves and create a nutrient-rich product with lasting health benefits. The environmentally-friendly bamboo charcoal products are great to clean and purify clothing, shoes, wardrobes and travel bags. They can be used for pets, and for your hair and body.

Mr Shomacker, speaking at the Organic Expo in Sydney in August, said the company exhibited at NOPE this year to present its product range to a new market. “The show was fantastic for us, there was huge interest in our products - we found a few distributors in Europe and it was a very good audience,” he said. “We do a lot of shows in Australia including the Organic Expo in Sydney, exhibited at the London fair for the first time and next year we are exhibiting at the BioFach in Germany.”

Launched was a whole pet range and Premier Pet was appointed an exclusive pet products distributor for Australia. Mr Shomacker said people liked the idea that Pure Bamboo is a 100% natural way to purify the air, remove moisture, odors and harmful chemicals.

Demand is strong for the bamboo charcoal natural deodorizers and dehumidifier products, with consumers liking that it is 100% natural, not a spray, sustainable, reusable and recyclable, Mr Schomacker said. Pure Bamboo is sold in supermarkets, organic and ecological lifestyle stores, and in specialist homewares stores.

Top selling products in the pure bamboo range include deodorizers for wardrobe, room, drawer, shoes boots, the Hei (room) cube, the pet area deodorizer, pet shampoo and soap, and treats. The range includes a revitalizing body soap and a spa pack.

Bamboo charcoal is just becoming more popular in the Western Hemisphere, while it has been known for its many properties as early as 1486 AD during the Ming Dynasty in China. Bamboo charcoal is incredibly absorbent. Placed in the refrigerator it will absorb ethylene gas released from vegetables and keep them fresh longer.  It may also regulate room humidity. A unique property of charcoal bamboo is that it emits negative ions and may counteract all the positive ions given off by electrical equipment, which are known to cause anxiety and stress. Bamboo charcoal is also useful as a water filter. Bamboo vinegar extracted from bamboo charcoal has medicinal uses in Asia for its ability to absorb toxic substances.