Flora Manufacturing & Distribution, a long-established BC, Canada-based producer of cold-pressed, unrefined nutritional oils is seeing a positive growth trend for Omega-3 products. The range includes flax oil, pumpkin seed oil, canola oil, evening primrose oil and Udo’s blend of omega-3, -6 and -9 fatty acids.

Andrew Markowski, Flora’s export manager for Europe & Middle East, says products containing Omega -3 make up approx. 45% of Flora’s overall business. “These are staple products for us and we would like to capitalize even more on this growing category. The ingredients we use are certified organic, non-GMO and are sourced mainly in Canada and South America,” he says. “Our Udo's line of products is very well known and highly regarded all over the world.” Flora’s nutritional oils are sold through different distribution channels, however, health food stores are for now the primary one. “Positive feedback is pouring in very often from many sources - health practitioners, athletes, and mainstream customers. We do also sell through practitioners, food stores, pharmacies and supply customers directly through mail/internet order systems. Flora is committed to sustainable sourcing: “Flora is certified organic processor. Our flax oil and Udo's Oil 3*6*9 Blend are certified organic while other products may not be classified as certified organic but contajin 95% or more of certified organic ingredients.”

Mr. Markowski says Flora has seen both growth and decline in sales for Omega-3 products depending on the market. “The general trend is a positive one and we expect further growth in sales and demand, although the rate of growth in different regions may vary.” Export represents 25% of Flora’s business with an extensive distribution network in more than 40 countries.