Canadian sisters Louise and Jacqueline Wilkie of Eclipse Concepts have been busy selling their unique “black water.” Presented in a sleek clear glass bottle with the white bold letters BLK at the front, the deep black liquid is intriguing. Is it an alcoholic drink or a soda? No, it is Canadian Spring water infused with a proprietary blend of Fulvic Acid. This is a derivative of plant matter and a chelating agent that removes excess or harmful materials from the body, while acting as a supplementary agent to transport nutrients to the cells, according to Miyamonte, an expert firm in the study and development of dried and liquid Fulvic Acid.

“We heard of Fulvic Acid when our mother was really sick with cancer some years ago and we were looking for supplements that would support her while in treatment,” says Louise. Although little known in the mainstream market, “scientific studies and testimonials show a wide range of uses for Fulvic Acid containing supplements, animal feeds and plant feeds”, declares the firm Optimal Organic Inc. on its website. Fulvic Acid turns water black naturally and does not stain your teeth. It has over 70 macro and trace minerals, naturally occurring in their ionic or nano form facilitating great cellular absorption. Fulvic Acid has around 45 percent oxygen bio-available to nurture human cells. Working with Humic Acid it creates cell permeability by removing unwanted salt acids that surround & harden cell walls.

Two years ago, looking for new products to showcase at Expo West along with their syrup and coffee lines, the Wilkie sisters brought a few samples of the black water to test the market. The response was so positive they decided to fully concentrate on the development of their new line, BLK. The Fulvic Acid in BLK comes from a 70 million year old source deep in the earth. After several lab tests, brand concept development, packaging and merchandising, BLK was officially introduced at the Fancy Foods Show this summer. Jacqueline Lorita, Albie Manzo and other family members of the reality T.V. show "Real Housewives of New Jersey," spotted BLK at the show and requested distribution rights, an opportunity for increased visibility that the Wilkie sisters could not refuse.

BLK is rapidly becoming a buzz word, especially among health conscious consumers and celebrities. It is gradually available at major natural health food stores and supermarket chains from the east to the west coast in the USA. It was even included in the Emmy® Awards gift bags. BLK has been also introduced to Australia, Norway, Spain, Costa Rica and the Middle East. It is also sold via Although the company is based in Vancouver, BLK is not available in Canada yet, but the Wilkie sisters hope to start distribution in 2012. To be accepted by large retailers they had to present BLK in plastic bottles, according to Louise. Fulvic acid is very reactive, but the concentration in BLK does not leach toxins out of the plastic bottles. BLK is now available in 8oz. and 16oz. bottles.

In 2012 BLK is also expected to expand its line by adding a couple of flavours. But since it will have to be pasteurized, this affects the formulation. “People are asking us for citrus and berries. Mango and coconut are also in demand”, says Louise. Perhaps selling BLK in plastic bottles and adding natural fruity flavours may take away part of the intriguing image it had at the beginning. But for good health we all may soon enjoy “BLK the dark side of water”.