The Aztecs valued it more highly than gold. It was used by ancient warriors, and is now used by modern day athletes, to achieve optimal health and physical performance. While some of us still associate it with a novelty terracotta planter that quickly sprouts into fluffy animal shapes, the incredible , or Salvia hispanica, is starting to garner well-deserved attention in the mainstream food industry. While chia has been cropping up in the gourmet and specialty food scenes for some time, this highly nutritious seed is appreciated now more than ever in the organic and natural food industries thanks to its impressive health benefits and versatility. One Canadian company, HapiFoods Group Inc., has created a unique organic chia-based cereal that is causing people to literally exclaim, “Holy Crap!”

While Holy Crap is the actual name of the cereal produced by HapiFoods, people’s reactions to the product often mirror its very moniker. Maybe they’re impressed with the fact that chia absorbs nine times its size in liquid, or that a mere two tablespoon of Holy Crap or sugar-free Skinny B cereal is enough to keep satiated until lunchtime. But there’s more to these cereals than fun, catchy names: both are sources of complete protein that are vegan and free of wheat, gluten, nuts, GMOs and lactose, while Skinny B is also sugar free––an especially popular option for those watching sugar intake for health and weight loss. Due to chia’s unique and powerful makeup of protein, oil, antioxidants (including omegas 3, 6 and 9) and fiber, these cereals provide long-lasting energy, help reduce cravings and can aid in digestion. Preparation is simple and can be tailored to your preferences as long as the cereal is properly hydrated; coconut, hemp, soy or almond milk, as well as water or yogurt, are all popular option. After about five minutes, the suddenly expanded cereal eaten can be enjoyed hot or cold for a filling boost of energy.

Holy Crap and Skinny B are the brainchildren of Corin and Brian Mullins, co-founders of British Columbia-based HapiFoods Group Inc. The down-to-earth couple maintains that their artisan cereals are made with only the best organic ingredients. Both cereals contain organic chia, buckwheat and hulled hemp hearts, while Holy Crap also contains organic cranberries, raisins, bits of apple and cinnamon for a natural sweetness.

The eye-catching name may initially get consumers’ attention, and are certainly hard to miss on store shelves, but it’s the remarkable health benefits of these cereals that have created a loyal clientele that’s quickly increasing.