The international organic sector will gather again at Nuremberg on 13-16 February for BioFach, 2013 the world's leading annual trade fair for organic products, and the concurrent Natural Personal Care and Wellness exhibition Vivaness.

Over 40,000 trade visitors from more than 130 countries are expected to experience brands and products from over 80 nations at around 2,400 stands.The official statistics for BioFach 2012 showed 2,420 exhibitors - international share 70% (2011: 2544) presented their products to 40,313 (2011: 44,592) trade buyers from 130 countries - international share 41%.

This year’s show brings some 150 events and 8,000 participants at the forum with main focus on sustainability: The importance of shared values, unified action, fair and transparent supply chains and diversity through regionalism and globalization.

While trade for years sought mainly the lowest possible price of food, today added value and additional benefits are deciding factors.  It's not just about a product attribute, but of production, social relations and working conditions. Corporate social responsibility is gaining importance. Here a significant change in values over the past decade can be established, shown by the soaring sales of Fair Trade products, many also coming from organic agriculture.

The Japanese Pavilion with organic delicacies from Asia will focus insight into the diversity of Japanese bio-indulgence, with around 30 exhibitors. In addition, buyers will experience Kenya's own country presentations. And Romania, an organic market with a growing number of certified organic farms is country of the year and the focus of the World Organic Trade Fair.