The 2nd annual international trade show and matchmaking forum Europe NOW Lifestyle Expo is scheduled for September 23-25, at the Toronto Congress Centre. Canada’s unique business forum dedicated to promoting trade and investments with Europe and the USA consists of three major components: The Trade Show with opportunity to enjoy a booth set up to better exhibit products; Prequalified B2B Matchmaking Forum, a service coordinated by Mr. Alan Ballak former Trade Commissioner for the Government of Canada and the Europe NOW Conference and Seminars about CETA, its implications on Trade and business sectors, as well as promotional seminars specific to European countries. The theme this year is “Come to Toronto to Connect with the World”.

“Europe Now will highlight the importance of medical & wellness travel along with organic and natural products,” said the show business director Mr. Leszek Swiatek.

The focus at Europe Now on the conference and the lucrative CETA trade agreement between Canada and Europe is a special feature ”, said Mr. Ballak. Last year 110 exhibitors from 17 countries took part in the launch of Europe NOW. Identifying the trade and investment potential and offering matchmaking will add a personal touch often missing at large standard shows.

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