MadeGood™, a new brand of healthy organic snacks is launching globally in Anuga Germany this fall. Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. hopes to take with its new brand healthy snacking to the next level by combining proprietary technology with nutrient rich, minimally processed ingredients.

MadeGood™ will launch with 2 product lines; raw fruit and nut bars and school safe, peanut free granola minis.  The raw fruit and nut bars come in four flavours.  They are organic, gluten free and have a low glycemic index but what makes them really unique is that they have no added sugar.  Riverside has developed proprietary technology, which enables them to create the portable convenience of a bar without using high sugar syrups to hold it together.

The Granola Minis are organic, made in a peanut free facility and contain one serving of vegetables.   “Most school safe, peanut free snacks on the market today are highly processed and contain a lot of sugar.  MadeGood™ was developed to give the health conscious parent a healthy, convenient, school safe snack for their kids” said Nima Fotovat, president of Riverside Natural Foods.

Nima added “As on the go eating continues to grow, it becomes more and more important to choose the right snacks.  We are committed to providing the healthiest possible alternatives to consumers”.

Mr. Nima Fotovat brings to his new company a valuable and long experience in the manufacturing of minimally processed snack bars, acquired as former general manager and second-generation owner of Shandiz Natural Foods, the North American leading manufacturer of natural and organic snack bars under the Taste of Nature and True to Nature brands