UHTCO Corp., a Canadian firm of Peruvian origins, has been expanding. It has introduced its newest product line, Peruvian Harvest, this year. This new retail range of light processed and unique ready-to-eat and easy-to- prepare super foods from the rich Peruvian cuisine was first presented in attractive packaging at BioFach in Germany and Sial Canada earlier in the year. This fall it will be introduced to LatinAmerica at Expoalimentaria in Peru.

Peruvian Harvest attempts to be a bridge between “Grandma’s old home cooking and the convenience of packaged healthy and nutritious foods Peruvians and non-Peruvians can taste and enjoy. This has been typically hard for international food buyers to find in Peru. “It is sad to see that today popular foods such as Peruvian drink, Chicha Morada, known for its high content of antioxidants present in the purple corn, one of its main ingredients, is made with just artificial colorants”, says Mr. Jorge Urena, CEO at UHTCO. “Not even a hint of purple corn or all the ingredients of this traditional recipe are included in the brands you find in the Peruvian market,” he says.

UHTCO is known in the International market as a reliable supplier to the most discerning buyers seeking high-quality Peruvian ingredients such as maca, yacon, camu camu and purple corn and customized formulations for new product development. UHTCO also has established a retail line of natural supplements that are distributed across Canada, with a presence in the U.S. and Europe.

“Our Chicha Morada will have all the natural ingredients of the traditional recipe in a convenient package to just add water.” In Canada it will be sold ready to drink in a bottle. UHTCO will also re-introduce its innovative and refreshing yacon drink FOS, which was well- received at Expo East in Baltimore last year. Peruvian Harvest will be introduced at Expoalimentaria by Peru Naturals Corp., UHTCO’s new Latin American sister operation. UHTCO Europe will serve customers in the European Union, Asia and the Pacific Rim, while UHTCO Corp continues to look after North America, according to Mr. Urena.

While Peru Naturals will focus on the opening of the Latin America market, it will also distribute products from other foreign suppliers, such as Sexcereal, an instant hit introduced by the Canadian firm Big Life Living Inc. This company claims Sexcereal to be “the world’s first all-natural, GMO-free gender-based breakfast cereal, formulated by a team of nutrition and quality-control professionals.” Sexcereal has only been on the market for a year, and is already present in more than 1,000 Canadian retail stores, several well known U.S. outlets and has been featured on the CBC’s hit TV show Dragons’ Den. The product has also appeared on Good Morning America, David Letterman, CNN and other prime U.S. TV programs, gaining international exposure. “Demand for natural and organic products is more evident now in Latin America,” says Mr. Urena. “We are willing to bring other products to the region that also offer healthier alternatives. Sexcereal contains a high source of fiber, iron, energy, Omega 3 & 6, provided by super foods like maca, camu camu, goji berries and chia seeds.”

With Peruvian Harvest Latin American consumers will enjoy now a nutritious breakfast cereal, real Chicha Morada and even home-made like tamales to start their day. And tourists visiting areas of the Andean highlands such as Machu Picchu and Cusco, will finally find UHTCO’s natural and effective supplements like its pure liquid Maca Pro to overcome altitude sickness. UHTCO is expanding and going back to its roots, with a twist.