The first edition of BioBrazil Fair BioFach America Latina as a joint event between the Brazilian Francal Feiras and the German NürnbergMesse show organizers has proven a recipe for success. To start, the 9th edition of BioBrazil Fairʜ with the return of BioFach América Latina, June 27-30 this year took place at the Bienal Pavilion of Ibirapuera Park in Sao Paulo, a venue with better access to the visitors. And the usual b2b nature of the NürnbergMesse fairs, in this case expanded its access to professionals and the general public interested to learn about new products and brands related to health and well being, a trait of BioBrazil since its inception. This strategy has also been used at BioFach China.

BioBrazil Fair BioFach America Latina welcomed 21,485 visitors and industry professionals to meet 200 exhibitors showing a wide range of organic food, beverages, cosmetics and textiles mainly from Brazil, Argentina and Peru. Other Latin American countries present included Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Nicaragua and Colombia, and travellers from as far as Spain, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. Brazil is now the sixth strongest economy in the world and the internal demand for organic products has increased in the past years. As a result the production of organic certified products is expected to reach to 2 billion Reais in 2014, said Ming Liu, project manager of the platform Established in 2005 with 12 exporting companies, in 2012 the 74 firms currently under the project exported US$129,5 million.

“Little by little the quality of Brazilian organic products is getting ready for the foreign markets”, said Janis H. Grover, international consultant. “It is time to go beyond the commodities and to show Brazilian native flavours to the world”. Brazil hosts several small and medium sized enterprises with unique organic and natural products that are only catering to the internal market. There is a huge export market opportunity for many of the products seen at the Brazilian retail level. “Brazilian producers have competent products with excellent quality. There are great opportunities for Brazilian producers to access international markets, Canada is one of them”, said Matthew Holmes, director of Canada Organic Trade Association.

“BioBrazil Fair BioFach America Latina best place to meet industry professionals and to make new business partners”, said Enrique Valdivia Altatrista, manager at Cirnma, Peru. This year, the number of professional buyers was 20% higher than last year. “We made new contacts not only with retailers, but also with end consumers; it is very important for us to understand what our potential clients want”, added importer and wholesaler Ana Maurano, Mundo da Quinoa.

The Natural Tech 9th – International Fair of Healthy Food, Natural Products and Health run parallel to BioBrazil Fair BioFach America Latina. Several companies showed their latest developments on food supplements, functional, vegetarian and whole grain foods. Also natural cosmetics, plant essential oils and essences, complementary treatment and equipment were on display.

Another show highlight was the International Seminar on Sustainable and Organic Agriculture that organized in partnership with Francal and NürnbergMesse. Trends in the international organic markets, opportunities for Brazilian producers, as well as regulatory issues were presented by industry players from Brazil and abroad. “Organic equivalence agreements between the Canadian and North American regulation is already in place as well as between North America and Europe”. This policy lessens trade barriers and facilitates organic international trade, said Katherine Di Mateo, ex-president of OTA and IFOAM.

In 2014 BioBrazil Fair BioFach América Latina will take place June 5-8, just before the World Soccer Cup begins in Brazil.