The 5th Edition of Expoalimentaria, the most international platform for food trade in the Andean region, returns to Lima October 15-17 at the Jockey Exhibition Center.

In an area of 20,800 m2 around 600 exhibitors (25% from abroad) will exhibit a wide range of fresh produce, fish, processed food and beverages and the latest food technology, equipment and packaging. Show organizers expect 30,000 visitors, including 2,000 international VIP buyers from major supermarket chains and trading firms.

Activities at Expoalimentaria include the “International Business Match”; the 4th edition of the Innovation Contest; the VI International Convention of Organic Products; the Gastronomic Hall featuring well known Peruvian and foreign chefs; the VIII International Fishery and Aquaculture Convention and the II International Convention on Food Packaging.

This year organizers introduced a tour for buyers interested to see food processing and manufacturing facilities in Lima. A tour to the north of Peru will include fish processing plants in Piura and other tours will cover the processing of olives, wine, pisco, Andean grains, coffee and cacao, according to show organizers.

Peru Natura, one of the main highlights at Expoalimentaria, has positioned itself as important destination for international buyers seeking unique, exotic, ethnic, organic and fair trade certified super foods and ingredients, from Peru and other Latin American countries. Quinoa, kiwicha (amaranth) and cañihua will be on display at the Andean Grain Corner, as part of the celebration of 2013 Intl. Year of Quinoa. Other flagship products include maca, asparagus, coffee, chocolate, alpaca and pisco.

Expoalimentaria attracts large importers and supermarket chains as well as specialized buyers of gourmet products and unique artisan goods provided by smaller enterprises.

“We are delighted with the connections made with Peru, since OWN introduced us to Promperu and Expoalimentaria”, said Sandra Caires, manager of organic products at Pao de Acucar, the largest supermarket chain in Latin America, now owned by the French multinational Casino. “We have been recently introducing some great products from Peru such as asparagus, which are not available in organic quality yet, but still have a tremendous impact at our stores”. Ms. Caires said to OWN that Pao the Acucar aims to become the largest buyer of Peruvian asparagus to Brazil.

Peru is emerging as a leading country for gourmet foods and organic production, enjoying one of the richest cuisines and foods grown in a variety of microclimates. Peru is the first exporter of organic coffee, the second producer of organic cacao and the first exporter and fifth producer of organic banana. Organic certified products are now ranked third in the Peruvian agricultural export basket, an important opportunity to stimulate sustainable development and the preservation of biodiversity.

In fact, Peru is the only South American country to win a 10 year moratorium on GMOs. It is a country with over 20 international agreements with major world economies and with an excellent location to connect with other Latin American countries also taking part at Expoalimentaria, which is organizad by ADEX, the Peruvian Exporters Association, in cooperation with Promperu and the Ministries of Agriculture and Foreign Affairs.

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