Many years of travelling abroad led Venezuelan entrepreneur Nicolas Ramirez Osio to visiting gourmet and natural health food stores such as Whole Foods Market. During those retail tours he noticed how acai, quinoa, chia and other nutritious foods presented in fancy packaging written in a foreign language would be trending far away from their countries of origin.

Back at home he would crave for the decadent fine dark chocolate sometimes covering soft and sweet dried goldenberries, the intense smell of passion fruit, and the gluten-free cassava cookies and breads found at the retail shelves of the foreign stores. How come the best gourmet foods from our rich cuisines are available abroad and not presented and promoted as such in the local market?

Five years ago Mr Ramirez decided that he would start a brand that would select the
very best and most nutritious foods from each country in the Americas to make them available in the country of origin and other countries in the continent. His brother Juan Bello Osio helped in developing the concept and brand.

An attractive logo, a business plan, a website and countless hours searching for information, networking and travelling to visit production sites and potential partners in key countries, building alliances and América

Orgánica was born. “We studied consumer trends and it was clear that organic and gluten-free foods would be among the main foods under the América Orgánica brand. Currently the firm has selected organic Royal Bolivian Quinoa in grain, flakes and flour and other ancient grains like kaniwa amaranth, a source of vegetable protein and minerals; chia and sacha inchi seeds and oil for the high content of omega 3; Peruvian olives and olive oil, stevia and fruit snacks made in Brazil with dehydrated acai, copoacu and passion fruit. A line of functional foods, baby food and lactosefree beverages with cocoa and Andean grains are currently under development.

At América Orgánica there will be co-branding opportunities with some products, such as he dark fine Franceschi Chocolate, awarded Venezuela gold during the 2013 International Chocolate Awards in New York. “The Franceschi family has a tradition since
1830 in the cocoa sector, six generations of dedication”, said Mr Ramirez. Franceschi
has invested in the recovery of the most exquisite and unique Criollo varietals in the cocoa
sector. “As promoter and distributor América Orgánica will offer healthy foods that allow people to enjoy and feel proud of the way these foods enrich our culture”, said Mr Ramirez. “It is time to recognize and celebrate our identity through the foods we buy, that come from our own and and people. Too much processed food has created a disconnection that needs to be restored”.

América Orgánica has established operation facilities in Peru, Panama and Venezuela. Orders will be handled from Peru and distribution and logistics from Panama. “We aim to contribute transforming the diet of the Latin American people living in the continent and abroad. Our line celebrates the amazing foods from the Americas, appreciated in foreign countries for their taste and nutrition”, said Mr Bello. “We aim to gain the trust of consumers in our region that have been used to believe that only what is imported from more industrialized nations is better.”

Product distribution in each country will take place via established local retailers.  Food connects people, creates conversation and builds relationships and the sense of community. “We will position América Orgánica as a  leading brand in the region, for gourmet and indigenous superfoods made with social, environmental  and economic responsibilities.