Danforel, the Danish leading exporter of organic smoked trout fillet, will be exhibiting at BioFach this year. The company will present a very high quality organic trout that delights with its freshness, high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and low fat content. All of its primary produce comes from Danish organic fish farms, which are subject to the most rigorous standards for organic aquaculture in Europe.

Established 60 years ago, today the firm is the biggest European producer of smoked trout fillet products. A combination of commitment and responsible animal welfare practices have enabled the firm to become the best performer in this sector.

Only feed that is free of any artificial colouring or ingredients is used to breed the trout, which must be GMO-free. Breeding practices follow strict rules concerning the use of medicine and chemicals. And first priority in organic fish farming is the care for water quality, where Danforel is a pioneer.

Danforel products are certified by the Danish organic body and accredited by the German organization Naturland. Danforel offers a wide line, also available as private label. The products offered can be tailor-made to clients’ requirements with a variety of special marinades, tastes and packaging possibilities.

In 2012, the company was awarded Best Organic Product of the year by Ein Herz für Bio, Germany.