Many consumers perceive ice cream as an indulgent treat worthy of a premium price. Perhaps that is why globally, retail ice cream revenue is predicted to reach $74 billion in the
next four years, according to

While far reaching international companies like Nestle capture a big portion of sales, researchers declare that there is still room in the ice cream market for innovative
flavors, especially from artisan brands that focus on healthier ingredients. After all, Ben and
Jerry’s, now a unit of industry giant Unilever PLC, helped pioneer the growth of upstart ice-cream companies that continues today.

Dairy technologist Peter Larsen says he traveled the world to gather inspiration from the best of local ice cream traditions before he created his own mix of sweet success. Founded in 2008 in Aarhus, Denmark, “Peters Is” set out to develop, market and sell the best organic premium ice cream without compromising indulgence. The result is his Peters Is brand of organic luxury ice cream (“is” means ice in Danish) that offers a harmonious balance of cream and sugar with lower air content and an intense, saturated taste.

In the United States, customer interest in niche companies that offer differentiated products will drive future ice cream consumption and fuel demand, according to a Larsen expects the same for the European market where his brand of luxury ice cream is sold. More and more people favor quality over quantity Peter Is captures growing trend for specialty ice cream when it comes to food selection and that outlook feeds the interest and confidence in organic labeling, notes Larsen.

“I expect a continued growth of the organic markets in Europe for years to come,” he says. “There may be occasional slow-downs related to the general economic situation but overall a substantial part of the European population is affluent and increasingly conscious about their food….”

Larsen first concocts each new flavor of ice cream in his own kitchen before further testing in laboratories. He produces it with fresh cream from free-range cows and high grade organic raw ingredients without the use of preservatives or artificial coloring. Unique organic flavors and textures such as ice cream with raspberries and macaroons, blueberry
and hazelnut wafers and dark chocolate add great variety to the Peters Is brand, which also
carries traditional favorites in extremely rich vanilla and flavorful chocolate.

“We think customers buy it because they find it a delicious treat,” states Larsen who says
the main health attribute about Peters Is ice cream is the smile you get from eating it.

In 2009, the company was awarded best vanilla ice cream in Denmark in a competition with 20 other organic and conventional Danish and international ice cream brands. The chocolate Larsen uses is organic, fair-trade certified and sourced from Barry Callebut in Belgium. With packaging almost exclusively of paper, Peters Is ice cream is sold in two cup sizes, 500 ml and 125 ml, and a 5 liter catering tub. Five years after it was founded, the company has 15 employees and has an estimated 5% of the Danish ice cream market, according to Larsen. He also sells his brand of ice cream in Germany, Switzerland and Finland. Peter Is will be in Nuremberg February 12-15 showing at BioFach as one of the members of the Bio Aus
Dänemark network of Danish manufacturers of organic food in Hall 5-113. 