The natural products industry will see new consumer profiles jumping on the healthy lifestyles bandwagon, demanding organic foods and sustainable products, a finding of the NEXT Accelerator, developed by New Hope Natural Media, organizers of the Natural Products Expo West and Expo East in the United States.

“Impulsive brand switchers, male and racially diverse and hipster naturals” are some of the new consumers finding affinity with the organic and natural products sector, according to Marc Brush, Editor in Chief at Nutrition Business Journal, one of New Hope’s publications.

Joining the devoted “go-to moms” influencing the diets of each family member is the  #Young4ever, a consumer segment identified by New Hope Natural Media that is “56% male, 50% single, and unapologetically fad-focused for that next new health ingredient or trend sure to impress friends at the gym”, an interesting encounter where the Millennial, meets the hipster and natural.

Products now need to meet expectations for the right price that meet lifestyle demands, values and quality. Convenience gains a new dimension, where consumers like to find at POS products that invite them to guide them to develop their own recipes and gourmet products. Take the starter kits by The company offers easy to follow recipes and utensils for the DIY fan to enjoy a home made yogurt, kefir and cheese.

And more people starts to see their backyard as a productive and interactive space that provides more than a lawn and ornamental plants to maintain. And size does not matter anymore. Hydroponics, vertical gardens or just a set of pots may offer consumers with little time the enjoyment of fresh cut herbs and a few other edibles.

Like Mr. Brush points it “There’s even a wave of homebrew mixers storming the market in 2014. Companies like Owl’s Brew, Pok Pok Som and Sodastream don’t go all-in on the dogma of convenience by letting consumers back into the equation. It turns out, we kind of like making stuff after all, especially foodstuff”.

Ancient ingredients known for their nutritious properties in ethnic cuisines are a growing market, as seen with the increased demand of Andean grains, the taste of South East Asia beyond lemongrass and ginger and the powerful berries from North America. For more relevant information on the new natural products consumer the 2015 NEXT Forecast is available for download at