Ecuador will be participating this year at SIAL Paris, with 16 local companies displaying their high quality and innovative products, including quinoa, chia, organic banana chips, palm hearts, tuna, exotic sauces, pulps and non-traditional fruit juices.

Following the recently signed trade and development agreement with the European Union, this means a great opportunity for Ecuador, considering Europe represents a market of more than 500 million people.

“More so because the agreement not only intends to increase commerce, but also focuses on the creation of cooperation, knowledge and technology transfer, as well as investments that will help reach an exchange of mutual benefit, taking into concern that Ecuador is the most bio diverse country per square meter in the world, where ancestral knowledge and practices are still maintained”, says Valeria Escudero, PRO ECUADOR Commercial Office director in Paris.

 “The current challenge for Ecuador is to change the productive matrix and focus on exports with a high added value, and the trade agreement will help accelerate this process”, Escudero points out.

The national Minister of Commerce and PRO ECUADOR, will be the link between Ecuadorian exporters and international importers, with its 31 commercial offices throughout the world, organizing participation of the country at annual world class fairs and exhibitions, like SIAL Paris; orchestrating business meetings between exporters and international importers who are invited to visit Ecuador and the production areas; as well as participation at international events and gastronomic festivals.

The presence at SIAL Paris will represent an interesting opportunity to help improve the accessibility of Ecuadorian products already exported to the European union, like bananas, fisheries, cut flowers, coffee, cacao, fruits and vegetables.