A.S. Watson Group has reached a new milestone with the opening of its flagship Watsons store on Yun Ping Road in Causeway Bay, marking the Group’s 12,000th retail store in the world.

Spanning over three storeys and covering an area of over 8,000 sq. ft., this new flagship health and beauty store is the largest Watsons store in Hong Kong incorporating Watsons latest store design in a contemporary and elegant style.

At the store’s opening ceremony on August 11, Mr Li Tzar Kuoi, Victor, CK Hutchison’s Group co-managing director and deputy chairman said. “Hong Kong has a special place in our hearts. Last year, A.S. Watson Group opened and refitted 76 retail stores in Hong Kong; and for this year, the number is expected to amount to over 80. The capital investment involved would be approximately HK$620 million over these two years.”

With a history dating back to 1841, A.S. Watson Group was the 14th company to register in Hong Kong. Starting as a small dispensary, the Group is now the largest international health and beauty retailer with 12,000 stores in 24 countries/markets as well as one of the fastest-growing retailers.

“We plan to open 1,300 new stores this year across different markets – that is an average of 3 stores per day,” Mr Li added.

Watsons, a subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Limited, is recognized as the No. 1 Pharmacy/Drugstore brand in Asia for seven consecutive years and is one of A.S. Watson Group’s major retail brands.

As an all-rounded health and beauty store, the flagship store provides customers with over 8,300 unique products, including organic skincare products and 840 healthcare and beauty brands, of which 250 are Watsons exclusives.