Roobar®, a delicious, organic, raw superfood bar made simply from dried fruit, raw nut and superfoods said to be Europe's number one best-selling organic health bar, is now available in the United States, the Roo Brands company announced in July.

And Roobar's owner, Bulgaria-based Roo Brands, sold a majority stake in the company in late July to Smart Organic, the largest producer and distributor of organic foods in Bulgaria, which acquired 49 percent of Roo Brands and is now its sole owner. The shares were sold by co-founders Anita and Kalin Klasanov, while Yani Dragov remains CEO of Roo Brands.

Roobar has exhibited at the world organic fair, BIOFACH in Nuremberg, over the last few years and said the concept behind Roobar is simple, four to five ingredients come together to make a great tasting, wholesome bar.

"Roobar products begin with the highest quality plant-based organic ingredients and are packed with superfoods with no added sugar. The name Roobar comes from a European slang term for 'Raw Bar'. No heat is used in the creation of the bar meaning natural nutrients, vitamins and enzymes are preserved," the company said.

“My husband and I began this journey in 2010 with a small retail shop in Bulgaria, selling organic foods and unique and delicious recipe creations. Looking for healthier treats for my own children, I developed a delicious recipe for raw bars made from simple, whole ingredients, which became a favorite dessert in the shop. This inspired us to share our creation with the world," said Anita Klasanova, Roobar chief technologist and co-founder.

“Today, Roobar is Europe’s best-selling organic health bar and we are thrilled to be bringing Roobar to the US.”

Roobar is available in the US in eight innovative flavors such as Chia & Coconut, Pineapple & Baobab, Cherry & Maca and Goji & Coconut. Roobiotic Balls are also available and offer all the great taste and goodness of Roobar along with probiotics for immune and digestive health.

Yani Dragov, CEO of Roo Brands, said that Smart Organic and Roo Brands have always worked very closely and that will remain unchanged.

"This acquisition will lead to various synergies via the integration of teams and responsibilities – it will be a structural evolution that will boost efficiency of countless processes and functions”, Mr Dragov added. “Lay-offs and shifts in business operations are not planned, just work reorganization.”

“We believe challenging and exciting ventures lie ahead for everyone, through which we will continue to popularize healthy eating and the entrepreneurial culture in Bulgaria and abroad. We entrust a company and brands with enormous potential and are grateful to everyone involved in its creation,” Ms. Klasanova said.

Founded in 2008, Smart Organic is one of the organic pioneers in Bulgaria and operates successfully in over 40 countries on five continents. The company currently employs 154 people.