Renewing its commitment to people’s wellbeing the Bolivian company Andean Valley has revamped its brand introducing a wide variety of products derived from organic Royal Quinoa and the vision of a continued global expansion.

At BIOFACH last week CEO, Javier Fernández and his team presented the firm’s new line and concepts “from the field to fork, and from the fork to everyone’s heart.” OWN asked Mr. Fernandez to share with our readers what motivated this brand re-launch.

OWN What does this new brand image mean?

JFV Our new identity is an evolution of our essence and vision for the future. What we have been working for Andean Valley Corporation’s image is the result of our decision to potentiate the values and competitive advantages that we have been cultivating for more than 20 years. As part of our global expansion as a brand, we are to transform notions of nutrition and wellbeing by sharing with the world our old legacy: “Royal Quinoa.” We have developed different product lines that adapt and offer a healthy option for different moments of consumption. Our holistic understanding of nutrition can be part of people's daily life.

OWN What are the main accomplishments of Andean Valley Corporation?

JFV All our efforts are oriented to maintain our principles of sustainability and cooperation with the communities that are part of our production, and that helps us to keep Royal Quinoa's ancestral legacy. This guarantees the quality of our organic and natural ingredients that serve to create delicious and healthy nutritious food. Our processes, complete chain of value and quality of our food are a reflection of our commitment.

OWN Why did you change your corporate image, beyond the new logo and packaging?

JFV As a business, we changed towards a more global vision focused on building a healthy lifestyle able to offer real holistic wellbeing for everyone, from the farmers and our co-workers to our direct customers and the end consumers. This profound transformation becomes visible not just with a simple change of our visual identity. It reflects a continuous effort that began from the heart of our company to develop a robust portfolio of products able to reveal our purpose.

OWN How is the quinoa market changing? Nowadays, quinoa is cultivated in many countries around the world. How do you see “Royal Quinoa” positioning itself in that context?

JFV Trends show how people’s relationship to food is changing dramatically. There is a new generation who understands the food and health connection, who is conscious of the importance of maintaining a physical, mental and spiritual balance. Quinoa and other superfoods have proven that we could use all our body potential if we adequately provide it the energy it requires. It is also true that quinoa is now cultivated in different countries, but the value and quality of Royal Quinoa are evidently superior, not only because of its origin but because of the way in which it preserves its nutritional components. I believe that globally, Royal Quinoa came to stay and to become a key ingredient in our daily diet.

OWN In how many countries do you currently sell your products?

JFV We offer more than 30 products for every need: organic, gluten-free, lactose-free, non-GMO and without artificial colorants or preservatives. We have the largest processing capacity of quinoa in Bolivia and also have production in Peru. We distribute our products in the entire region ––including Colombia, Costa Rica, and Peru––and in more than 15 countries around the world.

OWN What other countries are you planning to conquer with this new image?

JFV The Andean Valley Corporation expansion is imminent. We are increasing distribution in the Americas and Europe, but especially within the Asian market.

OWN Can you describe the new products you are launching now?

JFV We have focused on a ready-to-eat line as the ideal and accessible set of products able to satisfy the needs of our daily diet. We developed a line to eat at every occasion: meals, dips, jams, and baby food. We also created options for active consumers like gels, smoothies and protein powder that we are sure will revolutionize the market.

OWN You also expanded your production facilities. Any new technology or processing method that currently differentiates Andean Valley Corporation within the quinoa market?

JFV Our “Suppliers Program” is very distinctive. Andean Valley Corporation also maintains a firm commitment to being an agent of social change, and with continuing the ancestral legacy of our quinoa–– by strengthening our relationship with the communities that work with us.

OWN How is the current structure of the Company?

JFV At Andean Valley Corporation, we are more than 80 employees working at our plants, and 20 co-workers in the administration and management sections. Over 450 families from 18 communities in the Bolivian Highlands work directly with us cultivating our quinoa.

OWN Can you describe your efforts regarding sustainability?

JFV For more than 20 years, following sustainable practices has been one of the primary commitments of our company. We are successfully delivering what we promise. We have integrated a unique program to produce quinoa sustainably: Our farming communities work on soil conservation and recuperation of living barriers. We promote the interchange of autochthonous quinoa varieties to guaranty the genetic variability of the quinoa. We significantly invest in pest controls following strict standards. We currently cooperate with the communities we work with the building of roads, warehouses and providing them with proper tools and supplies. We continuously invest in state-of-the-art technologies, product development, market research and global expansion. In Andean Valley Corporation, protecting our legacy, the legacy of those who work with us every day is a priority.

Re-branding at Andean Valley Corporation is the beginning of a new and long-term vision for the business. We are contributing to the holistic wellbeing of the world. We will continue innovating creating and producing organic food for all, and strengthening our offer to bring to consumers the best quality of food––food that will genuinely potentiate people's energy and capacity.

We will always be part of the solution. Our contribution can change the way the world eats. For this reason, we have worked with determination and efficiently on reflecting our essence in each action that our campaign entails. For distribution opportunities, contact Corporative Manager Linett Salinas