Organic Expo / BIOFACH JAPAN are joining forces with other food trade events next year. The food industry in Japan has changed dynamically. It is becoming increasingly important to include food-related trends and needs from other sectors, the show organizers said.

The 15th edition of Organic Expo together with BIOFACH JAPAN will be co-located on 10-12 February with other food shows under the umbrella “FOOD TABLE in JAPAN 2016”.

Some organic non-food exhibitors first thought that Organic Expo/ BIOFACH Japan would only focus on “food.” However, according to an Organic Expo/BIOFAC Japan representative, buyers looking for organic products for high-end supermarkets and convenience stores, are also interested in adding non-food related goods to their inventory.

The five trade shows Organic Expo/ BIOFACH JAPAN, Supermarket Trade Show, Kodawari Food Fair, Delicatessen Trade Show & Gaishoku FOOD TABLE, will cover all whole food related segments in Japan. The exhibiting area at the Tokyo Big Sight venue – both east and west halls – encompasses a total space of 82,000㎡. The organizers expect an estimated 100,000 visitors.

At the previous show edition held in 2014, Organic Expo – BIOFACH JAPAN hosted 227 exhibitors from 14 countries and welcomed 18,198 visitors. The Organic area had 69 exhibitors.

BIOFACH JAPAN, which is the certified organic area, will display a variety of organic food, beverages, and agricultural supplies and processing services for the organic industry, along with organic cotton, remedies, and aromatherapy products based on organic raw materials. To be part of this exclusive area, exhibitors, and their products have to fulfill the established and strict BIOFACH admission criteria that also apply to BIOFACH in Germany, China, India, and Brazil. The Natural Beauty Care area showcases organic products for beauty, skin and body care as well as fragrances. And the Natural Eco Plaza introduces products serving the natural, sustainable and health-conscious lifestyles.

In 2016 show organizers expect around 20 percent of exhibitors in the Natural Beauty Care section and approximately 30 percent in the Natural Eco Plaza.

According to IFOAM Japan and OMRP (Organic Market Research Project), one percent, an estimated US$1.4 billion, of the Japanese food market comprised organic food sales in 2010. Driven by consumer concerns about food quality, experts forecast an annual growth rate of up to 12%.

Like in 2014, a highlight during Organic Expo/BIOFACH JAPAN will be the presence of European natural cosmetics companies. The only inconvenience will be that Organic Expo/BIOFACH Japan will take place during the same week as BIOFACH in Nuremberg, Germany. European firms will prefer the fair in Germany since it is the largest and most international event in the industry. Japanese companies with a strong emphasis on exports might also prefer to attend the event in Germany next year.

Toshifumi Ayukawa, of the event organizing committee and president of Space Media Japan Company Limited said about last year’s event that he was pleased with the wide range of European organic products, in particular, those from Italy. “The selection ranged from chocolate through rice drinks to various superfoods. There is a huge demand for these in Japan,” he said.

“This development is set to last and the demand for processed organic products, and natural cosmetics from Europe will grow.”