The Swedish Chemicals Agency will map hazardous substances in rubber, silicone, paper and board; targeting chemicals of concern not yet regulated in the EU.

In an article published on September 19, 2017, regulatory news provider Chemical Watch reported that the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) will start investigating the presence of hazardous chemicals in different materials commonly used in consumer products.

Five ‘mapping’ projects will be carried out by consultancies in autumn 2017: 1) Chemicals in rubber and silicone, 2) chemicals in paper and paperboard, 3) chemicals in intimate hygiene products, 4) microplastics in chemical products, and 5) chemical requirements for eco-labeling.

KEMI aims to increase knowledge about the chemical composition of different materials and find out if there are chemicals that are not currently regulated in the EU but should be addressed.

The agency is to report its finding to the Swedish government in September 2018 and finalize the investigation in December 2020.