The 1st edition of Bite Copenhagen hosted over 3,000 top business visitors where 120 national and international exhibitors with unique products gathered at Forum Copenhagen on August 24-25th.

The new B2B exhibition combined food, technology, and innovation, and attracted select suppliers of delicious and nutritious foods offering innovative and sustainable ideas, world-famous chefs, CEOs from global food companies, and government officials from around the world.

 Bite Copenhagen took place during the 2nd World Food Summit – Better Food for More People, and at the end of the 14th edition of the Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival, a 10-day celebration featuring 100 unique food related activities, and over 80,000 participants.

 Among the VIP attendees: Her Royal Highness Princess Marie of Denmark; world-leading chef René Redzepi, founder of the New Nordic Cuisine-movement and the Danish restaurant Noma; decision-makers from global food companies such as Nestlé and McDonald’s, as well as IKEA and Alibaba and the hosts, Minister of Environment and Food, Esben Lunde Larsen and CEO of BC Hospitality Group A/S, Allan. L. Agerholm.

 The synergies created by these events turned Copenhagen this Summer into an exciting gastronomic showcase and stimulated discussion on how to provide better food for more people to enjoy.  Topics toward this end included smart education and effective programs to reduce waste, more efficient packaging solutions, and social and environmental responsibility.

 "Bite Copenhagen has received exceptional support from both food industry professionals and gastronomic enthusiasts. We are experiencing a very strong interest in the new B2B food exhibition," advised Director of Exhibitions at BC Hospitality Group, Malina Lebrecht Hye, before the opening.

 Danish exhibitors included the innovative firm “Sparkling tea,” which aims to become a premium low alcohol drink (4,4%). Ingredients include high-quality organic teas, with crisp notes of jasmine and chamomile, citrus and green tea, or hibiscus and red berries from all over the world. “We put the Asian tea tradition into an innovative Nordic way,” said co-founder Bo Sten Hansen, a professional in the financial sector, who partnered with Jacob Kochemba, an award-winning Sommelier with over 20 years of experience in the restaurant business.  Sparkling tea is being delivered to six Michelin star Danish restaurants, and there are already some business opportunities identified in Norway, Sweden, a German hotel chain, and a hotel in Dubai, UAE.

 Another startup was Plantemageren which presented an exquisite line of 11 organic dressing sauces, developed with 130 certified organic herbs, many of which are cultivated by the company.  Among the more established enterprises was Meijnerts Mølle, a seventh-generation family-owned milling business that for the past 40 years supplies only organic flour, bread mixes, and soon will add baked goods and fresh produce to its assortment for retailers and the food service.

 An international exhibitor present at the fair was Ecuador’s Pacari Chocolate, winner of several international awards for its high quality, innovation, and accomplishments as a social enterprise. Pacari is considered the best fine chocolate brand in the world and is highly appreciated in Scandinavia. In September, it will increase its presence in Denmark with a new distribution structure and management.

 All stands at Bite Copenhagen were entirely sold out. A waiting list of interested exhibitors was already open for next year's event even before the launch. “This first edition has been successful so far in reaching our target goals,” said Christian Vejlund, Bite Copenhagen Exhibition Manager. “We are looking forward to a more international impact for next year’s edition.”

 During Bite Copenhagen, the Økopris 2017 was granted to Comwell Hotels, Café Vesterå and The Balcony restaurant, who achieved the organic cuisine Bronze label - meaning 30-60 % of ingredients are organic-  and in a record period of three months. They have also become ambassadors of the organic movement, sharing their experience with other hotels, restaurants and cafes.

The Økopris was created by Organic Denmark to recognize the work of those committed to increasing organic food and meals in the food service sector. Organic Denmark is an association of over 200 organic companies, farmers and other players involved in the growth of the organic market in the Scandinavian country. Organic Denmark and the Copenhagen Hospitality College were also involved in the Innovation Zone at Bite Copenhagen. The objective of this project to bring to kitchens in the food service sector increased use of organic ingredients, and more innovation and sustainable solutions to local and global food challenges.

 Bite Copenhagen also hosted Street Food Denmark, which delighted visitors with food trucks, street food stands and a series of talks by food visionaries.

Bite Copenhagen is an initiative of BC Hospitality Group, one of Denmark's largest companies in the hospitality and events sectors, who worked in conjunction with the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. The 2nd edition of Bite Copenhagen will take place on August 30-31, 2018.