Fresh Catch® smoked Paiche chunks with Asparagus, Artichokes and Peppers

Aware that there is not much innovation in the canned fish food category, Canadian firm UHTCO Corp. is launching Fresh Catch® a new line of gourmet, ready-to-serve fish meals. 

The line offers carefully developed recipes that complement the company’s successful range of food ingredients with added value it already sells under private label, and with its brand, Peruvian Harvest®.

“We wanted to bring life to the ready-to-eat fish segment with a gourmet line of Peruvian dishes”, said Jorge Urena, CEO at UHTCO.

Products typically seen at home and around the globe include a variation of tuna, salmon and sardines, usually in water or vegetable oil. Gourmet options include the addition of jalapeños, mustard, tomato sauce, and sometimes a sweet & sour or peanut sauce. “While these “gourmet” options may add a hint of flavour, they don’t quite offer something spectacular for consumers to enjoy,” said Mr. Urena. “We are introducing a nutritious line with flavours not offered in the market before.”Fresh Catch® includes five distinct dishes:

Mackerel Fillets in Purple Botija Olives Sauce; with Organic Sprouted White Quinoa; in Peruvian Pepper and an Onion Marinade; and Smoked with Maras Pink Salt; and smoked Paiche chunks with Asparagus, Artichokes, and Peppers.

Jorge Urena, CEO UHTCO Corp. with one of the dishes of his new Fresh Catch® gourmet line 

UHTCO uses only ingredients sourced with social and environmental responsibility. “Fresh Catch® supports artisan deep sea fishing for the Mackerel and line fishing for the Paiche”, said Mr. Urena. “A Capture Certificate as well as CITES Certification (Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species) have been given for both fish species.”

Paiche, an exotic fish from the Amazon region, and Mackerel from the Pacific Coast, offer a mild flavor and texture, and combine well with the other ingredients.

And the company applies innovative food processing methods that retain the nutrition value of the Peruvian superfoods they use.

UHTCO took care of every single detail, including the water. “The entire production is made with spring water from the highlands of Peru,” said Mr. Urena. “Peruvian Harvest Fresh Catch® production follows HACCP standards in compliance with the highest and toughest requirements from any region or country around the world.”

Fresh Catch® is presented in BPA-free cans with a modified atmosphere packing method that ensures an extended shelf life of five years (or more) for each product. “Using select quality ingredients combined with this unique method of sterilization and packaging provides a safe product without food additives commonly used,” said Mr. Urena.

Fresh Catch® production facilities

It took the company several months to adjust the recipes to provide fresh flavours of Grandma’s recipes inside a can. During the tastings UHTCO conducted in Canada, Peru, the US and Europe, everyone has praised the excellent product with long shelf life, aimed to sell at the right price.

“All 5 SKU’s have attracted a lot of attention from buyers who have tried them. The Mackerel Fillets with Sprouted Quinoa Grain and the Smoked Mackerel Medallions with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Maras Pink Salt could become favorites.

Fresh Catch® will be available under private label for retailers looking for a unique product to enhance the strength of their brands. “We are hoping to work with companies who have a shared passion for quality, innovation, and taste,” said Mr. Urena.

The first international fair where Fresh Catch®will be on display is Expoalimentaria, September 27-29 in Lima, Peru.