When Javier and Marlene Oviedo embarked in 2010 on the project to build the new and recently inaugurated Ecolodge Copacabana, their goal was to build an attractive place with a minimum negative impact on the environment. Located about two miles from the city of the same name on the shores of Lake Titicaca, and three hours away from La Paz, the Oviedo’s offer travellers a convenient set up - cozy cabins from where to enjoy lake views and rural tourism. “Our cabins are made exclusively with materials used by the native Aymara people: raw clay, straw and stone and our heating system reduces carbon dioxide emissions”, said reservations manager Ruth Castro.

Electricity and hot water are provided by solar panels. The hotel also has its own waste water treatment plant to make sure it does not contaminate the lake. Regional cuisine is available and they are developing an organic garden in its premises. There are plans to build an art gallery to promote paintings and sculptures from Bolivian artists. Copacabana is the main Bolivian town on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Tours by boat include a visit to the sacred Inca Isla del Sol (Sun Island) and the Moon Island. Other attractions in the city are the Calvary Hill and the Copacabana Cathedral. EcoLodge Hotel is an affordable and nice place to stay for people travelling from Puno in Peru to La Paz, Bolivia and its friendly staff eager to help arrange visits to other areas of interest in the Andean highlands. More information available at www.ecocopacabana.com