When implementing the Green Cube Program at the beginning of 2009, leading global plastics manufacturer Promens asserted its commitment to sustainability and said it is continually striving to create new packaging that respects the environment, and integrates sustainability in product design and development. The company says that weight reduction, use of recycled materials and CO2 emission reductions are notions that Promens people keep in mind when developing tomorrow’s packaging, which is based on three main concepts: dispensing, sterility and airless.

In this context, Promens launched Ecosolution™, the first ecological airless dispensing system. After the launch of AirFree® in 2003, Promens says once again it has created a revolution in the airless market. Using the AirFree® technology, Ecosolution™ is protected by three patents and is made up of an airless bottle and an airless dispensing system with a reduced number of parts. Ecosolution™ combines all the advantages of airless - including protection of the formula - and ecology: it takes care of the product while taking care of the planet.

Isabelle Orhan, business development manager Personal Care at Promens, says that for its “green" airless packaging Ecosolution, Promens received the ‘LuxePack in Green’ Award in October 2010 at the Luxe Pack show in Monaco. Ms Orhan says: “This package makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint by up to 30%. In addition, the number of pieces in the dispensing system has been reduced to just four, so the weight of the packaging is also significantly reduced. Orhan thinks that Ecosolution will open up new application segments for airless packaging, for example baby care or cosmetics in the mastige market(a cross between mass market and prestige cosmetics), as the package is very competitively priced.

Ecosolution™ is an ECOlogical system. It is 100% plastic (100% polyolefin) and therefore is 100% recyclable. It does not contain any metal or glass part, or any non recyclable plastic. The French organisation COTREP (Plastic Packaging Recycling Technical Committee) assessed the recyclability of AirFree® bottles in the HD-PE recycled bottles stream. The Ecosolution™ system is not required to be disassembled since all parts of both the bottle and the dispensing system are recyclable.

Furthermore, the Ecosolution™ system has been developed in accordance with theECO-conception process: the weight of each part has been optimised, all raw materials used are standard materials, and Promens chose suppliers within a 200 km radius in order to minimize people and material transportation.

Thanks to its dispensing system made of 4 parts only, Ecosolution™ is the most compact airless packaging (ratio between formula volume and packaging volume) , contributing to reduce CO2 emissions by 30%, compared to a classic piston-based airless dispenser made of 12 parts.

Due to the AirFree® technology, the Ecosolution™ multi-layer co-extruded bottle can be produced in recycled raw material (Post Consumer Recycled HDPE). Therefore, the external layer is totally made of recycled PE and represents 85% of the total raw material weight of the bottle, while the internal multi-layers pouch that is in contact with the formula, is made from virgin PE. The pouch contains EVOH, a barrier material that blocks all odor migration and guarantees the integrity of the formula.

Women’s and consumer’s expectations have changed over the decades and Promens says that today, they want simple but functional products and to buy sustainable products that preserve the environment. Ecosolution™ meets these expectations: it is ecological and enables the reduction of preservatives in the formula.

AirFree® is the only one-part airless packaging solution manufactured in one single operation. The bottle has a rigid external wall and a contractible internal flexible pouch. It answers the growing demand of cosmetics brands for protective primary packaging. Featuring materials with barrier properties such as EVOH, AirFree® acts like a protective shield for fragile formulas. AirFree® guarantees a protection against oxygen before and after use.

“It is a honest packaging solution”, says Ms Orhan. With AirFree® the bottle offers high evacuation rates of the product and it requires less volume than a traditional bottle to deliver the same amount of product which makes it more environmentally friendly.