Global sales of natural and organic beauty products projected to reach USD 9 billion last year and while consumer demand for natural and organic products remains buoyant, new research finds the growth rate is slowing because of the weak economic climate. In its December report on the "Global Market for Natural & Organic Personal Care Products", Organic Monitor predicts that revenues will climb to USD 14 billion in 2015.

Organic Monitor says consumers are turning to natural personal care products because of health concerns about synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates and aluminum salts. Although awareness of such chemicals is rising, there remains much confusion about what constitutes a natural product. The proliferation in symbols and logos could also add to the consumer confusion, especially in regions with multiple certification schemes.

Although most sales are concentrated in Europe and North America, natural and organic products have 2% share of global personal care product sales. In some countries – such as the USA, Germany, Austria – the market share is reaching 10%. The large market share is because of high consumer awareness and extensive distribution of natural and organic products.