A small country of just two million in the heart of Europe, where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the Karst caves, Slovenia is becoming an attractive country for organic foods and LOHAS lifestyles.  The charming nation attracts business people and tourists from neighbouring countries for its different arts and entertainment activities, gourmet and wine festivals, skiing, hiking or to enjoy its 87 thermal springs and the unique Lake Bled.

This little piece of land with stunning views and rural landscapes with great potential for the development of a strong organic sector, along with eco-tourism and health and wellness activities, has been also receptive to the superfoods offered by UHTCO Corp, a Canadian based firm of Peruvian origin that sources, develops and exports ingredients with the highest quality and nutritional value.

“Our products have been well received in Slovenia; we are already present at every point of sale”, says Markus Pandur, European manager of UHTCO, and based in neighbouring Austria.  MacaPro camu camu C++ and CacaoXP have been the first three lines introduced; the Purple Corn C3G will follow. UHTCO will also introduce to Slovenia  products from its Peruvian Harvest range the company has been developing over the past months.

At BioFach and Expo West this season, UHTCO will show its chicha morada, a national drink from Peru made with purple corn, apple, pineapple, cinnamon, cloves and lemon juice; the Quinotto, a ready-to-cook quinoa with dried edible wild mushrooms, spices, herbs and pink salt from Cuzco along with the Maca Xpress and other unique products within the line of natural supplements the company has already positioned in different markets under private label and its own.

UHTCO has clients all over the world and has established strong relationships over the years, but Slovenia has been a special market. "During our last visit in the fall, you could feel a prosperous country with a vibrant economy in spite of its size, in contrast to other EU countries that have been terribly hit by the recession", says Urena. "There is interest in learning about nutritious foods and health related issues”.  Following the BioFach fair in Nuremberg  this coming February 15-18, UHTCO will offer a couple of conferences in Slovenia and will meet with local media representatives, to share information about the benefits of maca and other Andean and Amazon fruits , seeds and foods. Luis Urena, new member in the marketing team at UHTCO, will be present. Urena addresses the importance of knowing what to expect from a natural food product and the right questions a buyer should ask to ensure they meet the quality standards to achieve the best performance. "As more people get informed about the best super foods from around the world, is important to identify a good brand and distinguish the product from a mere imitation", he says.

UHTCO has been developing a name in the industry by sourcing unique products from the Andean and Amazon regions in Peru and by developing formulations using only natural ingredients exposed to low heat and minimal processing, free of fillers, artificial sweeteners, enhancers, preservatives and other foreign substances.