UHTCO Corporation is introducing this season a new product under its label Peruvian Harvest® the first all natural yacon root nectar with no added sugar or preservatives to quench your thirst and sweet tooth.
Presented in 8oz bottles available to retailers in cases of 12 and 24 units with a two year shelf life, this unique yacon nectar will be offered in different flavours including: a vitamin C formula with camu camu; an anti-oxidant with purple corn and a revitalizing drink with a powerful maca root extract.

Yacon is one of nature’s best sweet kept secrets. A tuber grown in Peru and Ecuador it is a perfect functional ingredient and food that offers sugar control and immune system support to the human body. Known as the “pear of the earth”, yacon has high levels of FOS, the acronym that stands for Fructo Oligo Saccharides, a complex carbohydrate the body cannot recognize and absorb or convert into energy, which allows it to practically rank zero in the glycemic index scale. Yacon is also a pre-biotic by excellence as it increases the overall gastrointestinal tract health and is a safe natural ingredient for regular use.

The fiber in yacon roots contains fructose that has simple sugars. To obtain a low glycemic index and the highest health benefits, yacon needs minimum and proper handle and processing. To extract the nectar some companies use substances such as maltodextrine, not UHTCO. “This is a first cold pressed yacon nectar in a 25:1 proportion, rich in soluble fiber,” says Jorge Urena CEO at UHTCO.

The yacon nectar is an addition to the high quality Raw Organic Chocolate with Yacon Syrup" (Cacao XP® Sweetzz®) couverture introduced last year under the Peruvian Harvest® brand. It is the first all natural dairy free and low glycemic chocolate couverture with prebiotic properties provided by UHTCO’s unique Yacon Pro® yacon syrup. This special chocolate product will now be showcased in pouches of 250 grs with healthy fillings of delicious goldenberries rich in vitamin C and crunchy sacha inchi seeds loaded with omega 3s, and in a solid individually wrapped 24 piece, 86 g chocolate bar.

A nine year old Canadian firm of Peruvian origin, UHTCO has made a name as reliable supplier of quality natural health and food ingredients, custom formulations and its own brand of natural and organic certified health supplements with maca, camu camu, cats claw, cacao, and purple corn available also under private label in over 3,000 retail stores across North America and in several European countries. The company also sells under private label and in bulk.

Aware of the lack of nutrients present in modern diets in contrast to the vast variety of whole foods rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber available in Peru, UHTCO aims to further expand Peruvian Harvest with a range of slightly processed and innovative formulations for wholesome ingredients, “ready-to-eat” snacks and “ready-to-prepare” whole super foods. UHTCO said its experience gained over time in the industry and the customers’ feedback led to the development of Peruvian Harvest®. Some of UHTCO’s classic products such as its Raw Gelatinized Maca Powder, Camu Camu Berry Powder, Purple Corn Powder, and other new developments such as a sprouted quinoa, sauces, cereals, snacks, other meal preparation ingredients, and even an innovative organic certified ketchup recipe sweetened also with yacon, will all be found under the Peruvian Harvest® line.

“A careful selection of raw ingredients and the right harvest, storage, processing, storage and handle are crucial in order to obtain high quality products that keep both the natural nutritional content of a product, as well as its taste,” said Marcus Pandur European manager at UHTCO.

“Healthy food should be tasty and easy,” said Luis Urena, director of marketing. “The new labels will be easy to understand and provide important information about a specific product at a glance, such as raw or gluten free and the region in Peru from where it comes from (Coast, Andes, or Amazon), as well as a brief back story of the raw ingredient.” Each label will also offer suggestions on how to consume the product. Recipes will become available on UHTCO’s website. “People want convenience and healthy menus and the vast Peruvian cuisine offers great ingredients for an unforgettable dining experience we want to share with the world,” says Mr Urena.

The company will be exhibiting at Natural Products Expo East, co-located with BioFach America this coming September 20-22 in Baltimore, USA. For more product information and distribution opportunities contact UHTCO Corp. at sales@uhtco.ca