IFOAM – Organics International said in a stakeholder consultation in December that Organic 1.0 was started by numerous pioneers who saw the need for a radical change. Organic 2.0 developed starting from the 1980s when the writings and organic agricultural systems were codified into standards and then later into regulatory systems.

“Organic 3.0 is the third phase of the organic movement – the next paradigm. Organic 3.0 is about bringing organic out of a niche into the mainstream and positioning organic systems as part of the multiple solutions needed to solve the tremendous challenges faced by our planet and our species. It is about developing the new collective vision for the organic sector and about actively engaging with major global issues, “IFOAM said.

“The Organic 3.0 discussion started at a farmers meeting in Schleswig Holstein in 2011. After numerous discussions around the world, following BIOFACH, Organic World Congress debates and after a long phase of think tanking, SOAAN (the Sustainable Organic Agriculture Action Network) and IFOAM – Organics International came up with a synthesis that was presented at the Organic Expo in Goesan, Korea in October 2015.

“Now, it is your turn. We would like to hear your voice in shaping Organic 3.0 – our future. We ask you to engage, express your points and contribute to a document that the global general assembly of the organic movement will vote on in the second half of 2016.”

IFOAM asked stakeholders to read the discussion document and to express their opinion in the survey. Please note that the consultation is open till 28 February 2016.