Lifestyles Organics, a brand of Austrian firm MARAP, is now available in Canada via MAV Foods Inc. a food management solutions firm based in Ontario. The line of nutritious ready-to-prepare meals that has won awards in the UK as best organic convenience food products includes attractive grain mixes with quinoa, barley, rice, couscous, buckwheat, spelt and polenta.

“The range offers excellent value for quality and price point for Canadian consumers,” said Sonja Albano VP marketing & innovation at MAV Foods.

“Canadians are always ‘on-thego!’ with busy lifestyles and growing families”, says Sonja. “The MARAP products are robust with flavors, excellent quality and convenient. Just under 10 minutes and you have a great organic side dish. The products are priced right in the marketplace.

“Canadians are health conscious consumers and want pure organic and natural ingredients in their products. This trend is increasing– everyone wants to eat healthy”! Some consumers eat gluten free or are vegan, so it is important to provide exceptional products for this market mix. The Lifestyle Organics quinoa vegetable mix is gluten-free, pre-cooked, and ready in 8 minutes.

The top choices from MARAP selected for the Canadian market include rice and grains with vegetables, risotto with porcini mushrooms, barley with vegetables and quinoa with vegetables. “We are very excited about this line”, said her husband and food and beverages expert Walter Albano. Lifestyle Organics has been introduced initially to Canadian chain Foodland Grocers, and natural health food stores. “Currently we are gaining great momentum in Ontario and look at a national presence with these products by December,” he said.

The firm expects Lifestyle Organics to do very well in Quebec. All Canadian packaging will be bilingual to meet the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) Standards. “Packaging is very important to consumers”, says Walter. It dictates if they will be “actually purchasing the product or leaving it on the shelf all together.

MAV Foods Inc. develops strong relationships with leading distributors in the food industry to help the lines the firm launches become focal point at the shelves of the independent natural health food stores. “Our marketing strategy continues to develop in new areas such as camping retailers and school programs”, said Sonja. “We are looking at a number of opportunities for business growth in the organic marketplace, but our goal is sustainability”.

Starting in 2010 with a strong background in the food and beverage and packaging sectors as a new emerging leader in unique organic and natural products from Europe, South America and Asia, MAV Foods is focusing on launching niche products with high customer appeal and are leaders in the industry.

“We have started a cooperation with MAV Foods in Canada to test the North American market with our own brand”, said MARAP CEO Josef Bertagnoli. Lifestyle Organics and its sister brand Pearls of Samarkand with organic certified sun-dried fruits, nuts and seeds have been well received in the UK and the European market. MARAP also offers its products in bulk and under private label to increase volume for its high quality ingredients, many sourced in Uzbekistan. The firm has established there its subsidiary Silk Road Organic Foods, supplied by the first Fairtrade certified cooperative in the country. In 2012, two additional farmer groups supplying MARAP entered the Fairtrade system for a total of 400 families, improving the lives of 4000 people through Fairtrade benefits.