Quinua Real is entering the next chapter of its growth and development from a Brazilian organic pioneer to a global supplier of quinoa Andean food products with the launch of Quinua Real® syrup, the first organic certified syrup from quinoa into the market, an innovation in the natural sweeteners category.

Assisting to drive this growth and development is leading Spanish organic distributor La Finestra sul Cielo España, a sister company of Italian organic pioneer La Finestra sul Cielo, which became a 90% shareholder of Quinua Real Brasil Ltda. in 2011, a well-known firm for its organic foods and beverages, such as the BeVida cereal beverages range. Quinua Real® syrup will be introduced at BioFach 2013 in Nuremberg. “The path we have followed in our research process and our product development has been long, but we are very proud and happy regarding the final results and do believe it will be a great success,” says Miguel Angel Montesinos, CEO of La Finestra Sul Cielo Espana.
Based on the first production batch that the company has recently produced, it needed 600 kg. of Quinua Real® flour to get approximately 400 litres of syrup. In terms of density, nutritional value, glycemic index and price points compared to other natural sweeteners, Quinua Real® syrup has a darker colour, a higher protein value (7’94 gr. per 100 gr.) and a lower caloric level, said Mr. Montesinos. “Quinua Real® syrup is organic certified, but also gluten-free and its final taste of vanilla, is noticeable, which makes this product great for desserts and pastries,” he says.“After eight months working together with an Italian organic foods company, we have managed to elaborate this unique product, based 51% on organic Bolivian Royal quinoa. The process has not been easy, but the final result is really spectacular.”

“It is also the ideal product to replace sugar and it combines perfectly with many beverages and foods. And it is presented in a handy packaging. The price could seem a little bit higher than the price you can find in the market for other sweeteners, but we have to consider the high price we are paying for the raw material and production.”

The company has been quite open about its sourcing of quinoa exclusively from Anapqui , Bolivia’s national cooperative of quinoa producers Mr. Montesinos says Quinua Real® has been closely working with Anapqui for more than ten years in order to promote quinoa in Brazil directly sourced from the largest small quinoa farmer cooperative in the Andean country.

“Two years ago we knew we had to add the development of Quinua Real® in Europe to this project, so that we could fasten our commercial relationship,” he says. “We are aware of the importance of working all together with a strong cooperative as Anapqui is, and that’s the reason why Quinua Real® is backing products with our own R&D, such as this Quinua Real® syrup.

“The brand Quinua Real® is registered all over Europe but also in other important commercial areas as the South-East of Asia, because Mr. Montesinos and his team are also present there. “We are sure the introduction of Quinua Real® syrup and the other products of the Quinua Real® line: red Quinua Real®, black Quinua Real®) is going to consolidate the brand Quinua Real® in order to become an international key-point.”

La Finestra sul Cielo España S.L. was the very first company to arrive in the Brazilian market offering all natural and organic vegetal drinks and from the very beginning saw the business opportunities it could achieve in that market, and how this fact could help in the development of its brand, Mr Montesinos says. Quinua Real currently has more than 1,500 registered customers in Brazil, and is working with a range of products with more than 20 items certified as BioBrazil: vegetal drinks, gluten-free pasta and other products made from Quinua Real®.

The company’s decision to produce the new organic syrup and to continue development of other new Quinua Real products was based on the excellent nutritional value of quinoa. “It was the main and first nourishment of the Inca nation. Moreover, N.A.S.A. considers quinoa a suitable food for the astronauts during their long-term trips in space,” Mr. Montesinos explains.

“The Royal Quinoa seed variety is native of Bolivia, at 3,600 metres over the sea level. It is the only vegetal food containing the essential amino acids and, compared to other cereals, it has a higher level of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium, but with a low caloric input. This makes it a convenient food for people taking care of their diet. Besides its high nutritional value, the Quinua Real® brand only buys directly from Anapqui, cooperative that only farms under organic and fair trade methods. Quinua Real® is gluten-free certified and vegan suitable. Quinua Real® will be co-exhibitor with partner firm La Finestra sul Cielo at BioFach 2013 in Nuremberg February 13-16, stand number 702, hall 1.