The Small Producers’ Symbol, SPP, is a hallmark of sustainability representing organized small producers in the Caribbean and in Latin America. Based on the principles and values that originally gave rise to the fair trade movement, it allows consumers to identify high quality products that come from well-organized small producers, each of whom value healthy living and a clean environment. While the symbol implies fair trade, it also represents a sustainable production, a high level of organization, and a self- managed local economy that is empowered democratically. Another unique trait of this label is that it was created by small producers themselves as a way to raise their profiles in local and international markets. The symbol meets the specific needs of certification while also promoting the businesses that bear it.

To guarantee the appropriate use of the Symbol, the Small Producers’ organization created FUNDEPPO (Foundation of Organized Small Producers). Last year recognized organic certification agency BCS Öko Garantie GmbH, became an authorized SPP certifier. At BioFach in Germany (Feb. 13-16) BCS and FUNDEPPO will be available to provide information about the Small Producers Symbol. They will also host a reception at the stand in Hall 9-431on February 14th, at 6:00pm. “It has been a long road to get this structure fully operational, but we are positive about its outcome”, said Jeronimo Pruijn, executive director at FUNDEPPO in Mexico.