IFOAM has announced that its successful IFOAM Organic Leadership Course is now coming to Latin America. Enrolment is open for this exciting course, scheduled to take place in Mexico and Costa Rica. The first residential session in Mexico on 17 November 2013 will be presented in Spanish.

Due to the great response and high demand for leadership training around the world, in 2012 IFOAM launched the OLC with great response in Asia and more recently in Europe.  The objective of the IFOAM Latin America 2013-14 course is to train leaders in the region, to promote a common understanding and a shared vision of Agro ecology and Organic Production. Hence, the organic movement can grow and get more voices for the development of a true sustainable agriculture based on the Principles of Ecology, Health, Fairness and Care.

Although the pioneers of the organic movement proposed philosophies, principles and practices since the 1920s, Agro ecology in Latin America arose in the 80s, as an alternative paradigm to the green revolution, but also, as a tool for social and political change.  In addition to this, there is the heritage of its local cultures that knew how to manage their environment for food supply and spiritual needs, in a sustainable way.

Therefore, the OLC in Latin America takes place in a particularly complex dimension, but at the same time, holistic and integrated into the different approaches and philosophies.

For IFOAM, launching the OLC in Latin America represents an invaluable opportunity to support and strengthen leaders’ skills and facilitate the construction of networks of knowledge and wisdom exchange, of innovation and interaction, among the different stakeholders of the movement and the organic chain.