“We believe that capturing a blissful tea moment, wherever you happen to be, allow you to connect and reflect – with yourself and the world.”

This is how eco-conscious entrepreneur Wendy Weir introduces the inspiration and concept of Libre Tea, her thriving tea glass venture. The company genesis unfolded during a 2006 trip to China when she noticed a bus driver sipping from a glass jar filled with loose leaf tea amidst the chaos of Shanghai traffic. Within a year she had a product ready to offer busy consumers in North America who wanted to enjoy tea on-the-go.

A former energy conservation consultant, Wendy found a solution and opportunity to allow more people to enjoy the taste and health benefits of loose tea leaves. Her tea glass avoids the waste of extra packaging usually present in the individually wrapped tea bags and disposable containers. In addition to its great function, Wendy added the view of dancing tea leaves inside the glass because she believes in the nourishing power of beauty.

Guided by the 3 ‘P’s – people, planet, and profit, Libre Tea aims to make a light carbon footprint, relying on strategic alliances and well established solutions for manufacturing and distribution.

The stylish Libre tea glass has a durable 100% BPA free exterior, and a glass interior for a clean taste. “The double-wall construction keeps tea hot or cold and comfortable to hold”, says Wendy. The sleek and smart design offers a glass with a removable, easy to clean, stainless steel tea filter.

The Libre tea glass collection includes the Original (9 oz), the Libre Large (14 oz) and the easy to hold Libre Mug (10 oz). It is currently available in Canada and the US at tea stores, yoga studios, natural health food stores, spas and gourmet grocers and via its online store.

Last fall the firm started distribution in the UK after its debut during the OM Yoga Show at the Olympia Exhibition Hall in London, a show that attracted 200 exhibitors and over 15,000 visitors.

“The UK is one of the largest per-capita tea consumers in the world, with the average citizen enjoying an average 1.9 kg or 760 cups per year,” Wendy told OWN during an interview. “It has been fun to introduce our sleek BPA-free travel mugs to a nation of such passionate tea lovers.”

Wendy is a strong believer of the power of interconnecting and the sense of community. Libre Tea, now on its sixth year of operation, contributes to several charitable activities offering volunteer work or providing products for silent auctions and charity sales. They work with other entrepreneurs that share their values. With the goal to expand distribution in the West Coast, the British Columbia based company will exhibit next at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim and at the World Tea Expo.