Brazil’s largest certifier of organic products IBD, and the major EU-based International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association, NATRUE, have signed an agreement of mutual recognition and alignment of their certification standards.

Executive director of IBD, Alexandre Harkarly, said: “The partnership will be pivotal to break trade barriers for these products currently existing between Brazil and Europe, reduce bureaucracy and create new business opportunities, with the partnership to open the doors of a nearly $10 billion market for national companies.”

Under the agreement, all natural and organic cosmetic products (raw materials, formulas and finished products) certified to NATRUE may automatically receive the seal of IBD in the Brazilian market.

The use of the seal NATRUE for products certified by IBD in the international market was also approved by customers of Brazilian certifier IBD to adapt the standard version 4, in line with the European partner.

“Adaptation is easy, as version 3 already showed similarities to the standard NATRUE With version 4, the harmonization of standards became even clearer,” Mr Harkaly explained.

He added that this alignment occurs primarily through the lists of materials allowed and the percentages of organic and natural ingredients in every type of cosmetic.

“The agreement is a milestone in the international recognition of authentic natural and organic cosmetic product, reducing barriers to international trade to Brazil that can now export levels NATRUE 1 (natural), 2 (with the organic portion) and 3 (organic) to third countries.”

Certified organic and natural cosmetic sales globally are estimated to be growing by 7% a year.

The partnership between IBD and NATRUE is already bearing fruit. IBD is working on granting the IBD certification stamp to Weleda Brazil, with other companies also expressing interest.

“This agreement supports the companies that wish to enter the Brazilian market with IBD stamp and at the same time, carries an international stamp as NATRUE, providing clarity for consumers and reinforces the excellent business opportunity for authentic internationally producers” said Klara Ahlers, president NATRUE an international non-profit organization based in Brussels.

“Natrue represents global leaders in authentically natural and organic cosmetics, and Brazil is one of the three main markets of cosmetics. IBD is globally recognized certification, not only of natural products, organic, biodynamic but also in the field of sustainability – a perfect international partnership,” Ms Ahlers said.

Executives report that no additional certification costs will be charged, only one fee stamp for the use of trademarks.

“Both NATRUE and IBD follow the same principles and goals. The idea is to avoid bureaucracy. Authentic natural and organic cosmetics should not have geographical boundaries,” said Julie Tyrrell, director of NATRUE.

According to the certification standards of IBD, Brazil’s largest certifier of organic with about 70% market share, an organic cosmetic product must be composed of at least 95% organic ingredients; a product made with ingredients or organic raw materials has at least 70% organic ingredients; and a natural product contains less than 70% organic ingredients.