The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements IFOAM has decided to give its name and corporate logo a refreshing update. In December 2013, we contacted our affiliates to get input on a possible name change for IFOAM. After various brainstorming rounds affiliates of the organization agreed to call it from now on  ‘IFOAM – Organics International’, words that capture both the diversity and global nature of the organization.

A new logo has been designed to reflect this shorter name. IFOAM – Organics International has also shifted its domain from a .com to .bio the term used for “organic” in German and French speaking countrties. Besides other organizations such as,,, and have also adopted the .bio.  In Canada, the USA and other English speaking countries the new adopted term is .organic  “The shift to .bio allows us to communicate clearly our commitment to organic principles”, said IFOAM- Organics International’ Executive Director Markus Arbenz.  Information about .bio available at IFOAM will be in Hall 1- 447 during BIOFACH.