With experience in the beauty industry, entrepreneur Graciela Ceballos embarked on developing the first organic cosmetic line in Argentina. Anamê Vio launched in 2010 at BIOFACH, the international fair for organic products, with sister pavilion Vivaness dedicated exclusively to the display and promotion of natural/organic certified health and beauty products.

Before entering the natural cosmetics market, Graciela worked for a conventional skin care company for nearly 20 years. “I am convinced that organic represents more than a trend, and I strive to achieve perfect harmony between personal care and the protection of the planet.”

Anamê Vio offers a range of skin care products for cleaning, hydrating, toning and anti-aging: Organic Cleansing Oil, Organic Moisturizing Tonic, and Daytime Facial Cream. The intensive treatment line includes Organic Repair Facial Cream, Organic Serum for Expression Lines, and Repair Body Lotion.

Anamê Vio is produced in Argentina, with 95% certified organic and local ingredients, although some must be imported, such as shea butter from Africa’s Karité tree. Local raw materials used in the products include aloe vera, honey, olive oil and rosehips. Cranberry is an important ingredient for one line. The little red fruit popular in North America is rich in amino acids, vitamins, oleic acid, antioxidants, omega 6 and omega 9. Anamê Vio doesn’t use artificial preservatives, petroleum derivatives, silicones, fragrances or dyes in its formulas. As a natural preservative, the brand uses food enzyme derivatives, taking advantage of its antimicrobial properties.

“We only use ingredients from organic farming; respecting, supporting and promoting the health of soil, plants, animals and ourselves as a totally integrated organism”, says Graciela.

Every component in the supply chain for the brand’s products complies with the standards required by the Argentinean OIA (Organización Internacional Agropecuaria), USDA (NOP standard) and the Argentinean Organic Regulation, which is equivalent to the EU Organic Standards for raw materials used.

“For the packaging of our products we use recyclable materials such as PET containers. We still have to improve in this regard – it’s difficult because the market does not offer great biodegradable containers safe for our formulations. We use recycled cardboard whenever possible and everything that is currently less harmful to the land”, says Graciela.

The company is also in the process of developing an organic makeup line. “This has been quite a challenge since most of the components in traditional makeup are synthetic chemicals harmful to the skin. Nature also has its limitations in terms of colors, persistence and consistency”, explains Graciela.

Even though the lines are well accepted in domestic markets, the goal is the international market. Outside Argentina Anamê Vio cosmetics are sold in the United States, China, Taiwan, Vietnam and Guatemala. Germany is currently in the import process, which will facilitate future distribution to other European countries.

The founder and managing director considers the firm’s social mission to make organic products affordable and available to all. “There are still too few organic ingredients worldwide. From our position at MAPO (Argentine Movement for Organic Production), we are trying to define regulations for producers in Argentina to benefit the sector both in the promotion of organic production and with growth in arable organic soil. This way, competition will cause prices to drop”.

To increase visibility and promote the products Anamê Vio regularly takes part in international fairs. Anamê Vio has been at Natural Products Expo East- BIOFACH America in Baltimore, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Natural and Organic Products Europe in London, UK, the Organic and Green Fair in Sydney, Australia and Beauty World Middle East in Dubai. This season the company returns to BIOFACH from 11-14 February 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany.