Canada's Advantage Health Matters is expanding direct export activities with a new distribution center in the EU for its extensive line of organic and natural superfoods.

Owner of the Organic Traditions brand, the Canadian company operates under Health Matters America in the United States and has now created a European corporation selecting Bulgaria as the base for logistics and operations to serve retailers in the European Union and other parts of the globe.

Why Bulgaria and not the Netherlands or Germany or any other EU country as a port of entry?

“We were looking for a central location that would still be in the EU that would also be easy to ship to Asia and the Middle East,” said Jerry Zeifman, founder of Advantage Health Matters who has run the company since 2001.

All raw materials will be received and packed into finished products in Bulgaria. “We will not be exporting from Canada or the US.  All global shipping will be done from Bulgaria,” Mr. Zeifman added.

“We are proud to be an EU corporation and to be able to offer our superfood products to the EU after more than 15 years in the superfood industry in Canada and the US. The company will be doing its logistics and has established relationships with trucking companies with competitive transport costs. “We will have very quick delivery to any point in Europe.”

Under the Organic Traditions brand, the company sells over 100 different nutrient-dense superfoods in every category such as antioxidant rich fruit powders, seeds, sprouted chia and flax products, detoxifying greens, healthy fats, Ayurvedic herbs and unique blends and smoothie mixes.

Although their best sellers are in demand, all superfoods such as cacao nibs, cacao powder, goji berries and chia seeds, the firm is now focused on more complex formulations such as trail mixes, coffee substitute drink mixes, probiotic sprouted cereals, snacks as well as some unique symbiotic superfood smoothie blends.

Last year Advantage Health Matters started a sprouting division mainly for chia seeds. The process uses a food–grade organic sanitizer made from all natural ingredients. The service is available to other chia suppliers.

“We also distribute products like Pukka Tea from the UK, Regulat Bio Pro from Germany and Henna Plus from Holland as well as some other very niche, boutique products that we feel are the best in the class,” said Mr. Zeifman.

Pukka Tea is an incredible award-winning Ayurvedic tea line with over 30 unique flavors.

Regulat Pro Bio is a fermented whole food liquid tonic. It is used in clinics of biological and functional medicine for regulating every system of the body.  It is a remarkable product that dramatically increases ATP to give the body more energy, regulates the immune system, decreases inflammation and increases antioxidant status.

Henna Plus is the cleanest, PPD-free, botanically-based permanent hair coloring system for women. Hair Wonder and Men’s Own are PPD-free, botanically-based semi-permanent hair colors.

“It may seem strange that we offer hair color from a Certified Organic Superfood specialty company. However, we wanted to do something to help all the women that dye their hair.  The average woman colors her hair every month! 

"That is a lot of exposure to carcinogenic compounds such as PPD.  Conventional hair color is extremely toxic, and so we felt it was imperative to offer this as part of our range,” said Mr. Zeifman.

Organic Traditions has introduced to its line 10 new dual extract herbal powders that are meant to be added to water, juice or smoothies such as Turmeric, Holy Basil, Ashwagandha, Cinnamon, and Ginger.  They are all instant herbal drink powders with incredible therapeutic benefits because they are highly concentrated, representing the full signature of the herb. 

“Turmeric water is the most delicious and healthy beverage you can drink!  It is nature’s primary botanical for lowering inflammation as well as a host of other benefits for every system of the body,” said Mr. Zeifman.

“We also have just launched three juices: Acai Berry juice, Camu Camu Berry juice, and Acai-Camu Camu Berry blend.  The company will be adding a few more juices this year such as pure Sea Buckthorn juice and a Pomegranate Juice. “They are spectacular and in a category of juices that is truly therapeutic.”

The new line of instant herbal drink powders will be on display at BioFach in Germany, Expo West in Anaheim and Natural & Organic Products Europe in the UK this season. "We will also be present at smaller fairs in Canada and the US,” Mr. Zeifman added.