Peru has become a famous tourist destination with unique attractions such as the amazing Machu Picchu ruins and the colonial city of Cuzco in the Andean highlands. People enjoy its stunning sandy beaches along the Pacific coastline and the Amazon rainforest in the north. In 2012, Machu Picchu was voted the World’s Best Green Destination. In 2014, a government run platform, was also recognized the World’s Leading Tourism Authority Website.

The number of international visitors to Peru has grown steadily in the past decade according to Promperu, the country’s Export and Tourism Promotion Board. In 2013 the country welcomed 3,16 million tourists. International arrivals increased in 11%, exceeding the regional and world average. According to the Foreign Tourists Study 2013, the main countries currently sending visitors to Peru are Chile and the United States. Other countries with great potential are Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Spain, France, Italy, Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom. At the end of 2014 CTRIP, China’s most popular travel agency, selected Peru as the winner of the “Best Potential Tourist Destination Award”, as voted of by the 141 million members registered on the CTRIP website. It is interesting to note that during 2014 Chinese tourists made over 100 million trips abroad.

Peru also continues to make headlines as a top culinary destination. Last year the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards recognized three Peruvian restaurants: Central as #1, Gaston & Astrid #2, and Maido #7. In August at the World Travel Awards 2014, Peru also earned the honor as “Best Culinary Destination In South America” for the third consecutive time. According to PROMPERU, gastronomy was an important point of choice of Peru as a destination for visitors from other countries in the region such as Chile, Ecuador and Colombia.
Tourism is currently Peru’s third largest industry. The country enjoys one of the richest biodiversities in the world and Peruvian cuisine reflects this variety of ingredients, textures, tastes and colors, which includes the influence of Andean, African, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish cultures –generating over 465 dishes and surpassing other popular cuisines of countries such as China and Italy.

Peruvian dips at Fancy Food O.W.N. Archives

Peruvian dips at Fancy Food O.W.N. Archives

 Quality foods from the Peruvian biodiversity are in demand all over the world and are increasingly present at international trade fairs and exhibitions. PROMPERU’S Agribusiness Division supports the international promotion of agricultural products and ingredients like maca, cats claw, quinoa, cacao, yacon, golden berry, lucuma and tara. And in a project promoted under the platform Sierra Exportadora, 70 innovative and highly nutritious Andean products from small and medium sized enterprises, were recently shipped to the Scientific Machu Picchu Station located in Antarctica, to provide a nutritious diet to the scientists carrying out research in this remote region. The products delivered include dehydrated golden berries and jam, honey with maca, coffee, quinoa, carob flour, cacao nibs sweetened with yacon and brown sugar, lucuma powder and maca jelly.

This coming February over 20 Peruvian companies will be exhibiting at BioFach 2015 in Germany. These include: Algarrobos Organicos del Peru presenting annatto seeds, lucuma and maca powder, and purple corn flour; Amazon Health Products with korner and sacha inchi oil, Ecoandino with a range of products with added value from the Andean and Amazon regions; Peruvian Nature, with dehydrated camu camu, golden berry, maca and mesquite and Wiraccocha del Peru offering amaranth, chia, black, red and white quinoa. This season PROMPERU will also host a pavilion at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, USA in March, and at Sial Canada in Toronto in April.