After 21 years since the last edition the Barbados Multinational Fair returned on November 15th with the theme of sustainability and the importance of commitment, voluntarism and cooperation to inspire the positive change we want to be.

The event was celebrated at the Foursquare Rum Distillery and Heritage Park, the greenest of these facilities in the Caribbean.

The Fair was one of the activities organized by OWN in this idyllic and vibrant island to celebrate Nov 9-23 (yes, for so many days!!) with some of our sponsors and advertisers our 10th anniversary connecting entrepreneurs around the world and increasing visibility and market access to brands and projects built under the principles of corporate social and environmental responsibility. As announced in the OWN Summer 2014 edition, the theme was to “Experience Barbados …the organic way”, taking a break to enjoy a “workation” with organic and raw foods, surfing, snorkeling and swimming with the turtles, meeting importers, wholesalers, retailers and celebrity chefs, from Canada, the US, the UK and Barbados, learning about the potential for the organic sector in the hospitality industry and cruises and exploring ways to connect with end consumers to share the stories and passion behind each organic and green brand on display.

This photo report highlights some of the nice and unforgettable moments shared with our valuable clients and friends in this beautiful Caribbean island that support our work promoting the sector in print, online and in person.


Discover Barbados… the organic way

Take a break to enjoy a “workation”


At the Barbados Caribbean Permaculture Research Institute CPRI

One of the internationally recognized centers for the demonstration and education of sustainability

 Come and learn having fun with the view of the Caribbean Sea. You decide the course intensity:

 Permaculture Farm Tour

Intro to Permaculture Workshop

Weekend Warrior

10 day Permaculture Design Course

Join OWN on the upcoming 10 day Permaculture Design Course March 6-15


Sailing – Snorkeling- Surfing – Hiking – Cultural & Culinary Delights –Networking while promoting your work and your brand

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