OATLY! beverage seen in Denmark

Oat-based foods on supermarkets and health food store shelves seem to be expanding and being incorporated into a wider range of foods such as cereals and granolas, snack bars and bakery products, often mixed with Ancient Grains to tap into demand for highly nutritional products.

And organic and gluten-free porridge is establishing itself as a growing sub-category in cereals. Another trend is oat-based, free-from beverages.

This is despite questions over the gluten-free status of oats from food safety and celiac groups in some countries. Under the US FDA and international Codex standards, oats can be labelled gluten-free if they contain no more than 20 ppm of gluten.

In a November 2016 report on gluten-free bakery products, Euromonitor said that with the latest research suggesting that eating more plant-based protein and less meat can help you live longer, vegetarian protein sources are going to be more popular than ever. Healthy food companies are taking advantage of that aspect to bring vegetarian proteins to every meal and snack.

"Where you’ll see it: Vegan protein powders made from pea protein, chia and hemp protein will continue to be launched by health-food companies to be used in smoothies, baking, “proats” (protein-rich oatmeal) and more," Euromonitor said.

In the US, one of the top-selling oat-based cereals is the Udi's range of Udi's Gluten Free Granola, which are based on gluten-free oats.

One of the newest companies to move into the oats market is Saskatchewan, Canada-based Oatdeal, which has developed a range of products led by gluten-free oat-based smoothies.

A major cuisine trend that has been going off the media map in the last few years is the New Nordic Wave, a continuation of the Danish cuisine trend started by Copenhagen restaurants such as Noma and Geranium. Now porridge is being championed by Copenhagen restaurants such as Grod (which means porridge in Danish). Grod restaurants only serve porridge as a base for delicious dishes.

The Danish porridge trend has spread around the globe and with it Danish-style porridge heavy with fruits, nuts and all types of healthy food that is being seen in the best restaurants and cafes. Meanwhile, Sipal Partners, a top organic sweetener ingredients company based in Belgium, will be launching a new oat extract sweetener at BioFach 2017 in Nuremberg this February.

Sipal launches new oat range of oat extracts

Sipal Partners has presented a new range of syrups and hydrolysed flour made of oat to add to their large range of organic concentrates for sweeteners.

"These original and natural ingredients enables numerous functionalities, such as sweetness, sugar substitute, glucose syrup substitute, cereal taste, natural colour, crispness, proteins, higher cereal value limiting the viscosity," Sipal Partners said.

"They offer a more natural labelling: oat syrup instead of sugar or glucose. Try them in all formulations to get original solutions and clean labelling to your biscuits, cereal bars, cereals breakfast, melba toasts, dairy products, smoothies, baby food and more." Visitors are invited to taste this new oat syrup at the Sipal Partners stand 2-409 during the show, BIOFACH 2017.

Besides oats syrup, the Sipal range includes wheat syrups, rice syrups, manioc, corn, spelt and barley malt syrups, and date, fig, and prune juice concentrates, with most ingredients sourced in Europe.